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Hello I am New Today

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Welcome to Fiverr Family.

Few tips To Increase Your Sales:

  • create smart gigs
  • Make proper use of Gig Extras
  • Overcome the first sale barrier
  • Stay updated and never miss a thing
  • Check for buyer requests
  • Deliver the quality you promised and even better
  • Build a base of loyal buyers
  • Make good use of the Fiverr available now feature
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You’re welcome to Fiverr. Here a few things you should note to get started on Fiverr. If you choose to become a seller on Fiverr, then the Buyer Request segment should be your favorite spot.

As a beginner, you have 10 openings with which to go after job offers, consistently ensure you exhaust each of the 10 consistently.

Once more, in any event, when a task isn’t actually identified with what you offer, you should in any case feel free to apply for it on the off chance that you believe it’s something you can attempt to do.

While going after such positions, compose an alluring and engaging depiction to persuade the banner that you are the most ideal possibility for the work.

Note You should strive to be among the initial 5 individuals to apply, if in the event that you pass up a major opportunity of the initial 5, don’t stress it, you should still actually apply.

This is the best way to get your first order,

Best regards (:

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Try to be active in Fiverr.
Try to send max. buyer request from the daily limit (10).
Don’t wait until somebody contact you, You can see the buyer request from the “More” tab on top of your page.
Read the buyer request and send offers which matches your services.
While writing offers,
Read the buyer requirement carefully and reply to that , never make general copy-paste offer.
Specify the needs mentioned by the buyer while you write the offer.
Write few points which make you eligible for that particular job. Don’t write too much or beg for the job.

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