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  1. FAQ is to ask questions that require a concise answer. When you write, be sure to observe suggestions that pop up with previous topics as your question already might be answered. For questions that start discussions, try the Conversations category. Seller FAQs. Below are some commonly-asked questions for Fiverr Sellers. Account management. Is my personal information safe? We care about your privacy.
  2. Let me show you a funny Gig 😀

    One of client inbox me the screenshot  this gig 😀


  3. According to Fiverr, the dimensions of the Fiverr gig image or thumbnail should be at least 550 Pixels Width and 370 Pixels Height. JPEG, JPG, PNG, are recommended formats. The image File size limit is 5MB, and you can upload only 3 images per gig.
  4. Thanks for reply. yap it is internet problem.
  5. I've cleaned up like your suggestion, I haven't had any problems in the last few hours. Thanks lot
  6. Thanks for reply Mr. Mickel. May be it is internet problem, But I dont and never used Refresh option.
  7. Thanks for reply. Okay, I'll follow your instructions, and let you know what happens.
  8. Hello theratypist, thanks for reply. No I dont use and NEVER used using an ad blocker / using an auto refresher. Yap , I use just 1 extension, which is Grammary. I had this same problem when I gave you this answer.
  9. Hi, I have been facing a problem for 3/4 days. This option is coming to me after a while. How can I get rid of it? Please help . Advance thanks.
  10. (I am following this topic, I want to know more about this topic)
  11. Social media marketing is the best way. You can share the facilities of Fiverr on social media, and influence them to join and place order. When you finish the order, share it on your social media account , hopefully you will get clients.
  12. What a fantastic Question ! You can share your gig link on Zoom , but you cant share zoom`s link on Fiverr. Thanks.
  13. Thank you so much for your tips. I will apply those from now. please share with us few others tips to getting more clients.
  14. congratulations . Share some tips for us.
  15. Congratulations. I am Level 02 Seller from this month, Congratulate me too 💌
  16. Best wishes for you. Do marketing in social media.
  17. Hi, elindag, Do you do any marketing for your GIG? What do you work on?
  18. Hello, I hope everyone is well. A few months ago I received an offer of "Promoted Gigs". I select a gig for promotion 10$ daily. A few hours ago I suddenly received a notification that, "Your Gigs cannot be promoted right now, we'll notify you as soon as this changes." I also get a popup message when I place my mouse cursor over there (attachment)। I want expert opinion on what to do in such a situation. Thank advance. (attachment)
  19. Best wishes! What are you working on?
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