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Unresponsive Buyer. please help


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Since I got my order, The buyer barely comes online and reply my texts where I ask for necessary information about paperback. I made the ebook cover and ACX as per his instruction and asked for paperback dimension. But he did not reply for a long time and so as the deadline came near I delivered him the book cover and ACX cover and a paperback with the source files. After giving him the delivery and I offered him free after sales service that I always provide to my customers. I clearly described in the delivery message that I can make the paperback for him for free even after this order is completed.

As 16 hours passed after the delivery, the buyer messaged me unclearly saying “Am still wait on paperback. is not ready yet. Thank you” So I figured out that he may need more time to provide the dimension so i asked the time when he can provide me the info so that I can work on paperback. But the buyer instantly goes offline and yet did not reply. So I requested for extended delivery through resolution center.

What else could be better for me to do to handle such type of customers? Please do suggest.

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