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Getting new orders is hard even for an old seller


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I’m on this platform since 2013 and there was a time when I used to receive 7-10 orders per day and I was like how am I suppose to work on these many orders but now its very competitive here. Now it takes months or years just to receive a single order.

I even bid on buyer requests section every single day and yet I don’t even receive a single response from them. Sometimes I even try to change my gig’s description and title but still nothing works anymore. Anybody else feels the same?

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Don’t try to earn, first try to get levels.
Try to bid on almost every request with $5, which you think you can do it.
Afterwards, approve only them which you think you can earn 5/5 review.
In meanwhile, do see Analytics.
And when you reached any level, then just blast the prices.

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