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An end of year holiday discussion for fiverrers :)


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Hello all!

Firstly, wishing you all a happy new year for you and all of yours!

Secondly i wanted to open a discussion on Holiday Season Fiverr gigs!

Not so much holiday season fiver gigs like “I will dress up as Santa and wish you a holiday message” more your normal every day gigs that you offer all year round.

Does it, being the end of the year have a negative impact on your sales?

I have started in the last two weeks and gotten about 10 orders and have been able to satisfy all of my lovely customers. It has been hard work to get the buyers to my gigs but with a bit of determination I feel i have achieved quite a lot and am looking forward to hopefully soon achieving level 1 status.

Do you feel your sales have slumped? Have you worked harder at this time of year to sell more? Have you taken a bit of a break and are going to hit 2013 with a bang?

Again wishing you success in 2013 and looking forward to connecting with you! 🙂

Fiverr rocks my socks!


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Hey Jim,

I guess it’s the time of year when all sales will dip in none retail sectors, I have kinda been busy myself tho to be fair as I didn’t suspend any gigs over the Christmas holidays. So I have a steady stream of orders pretty much everyday, I know from a few threads that some Fiverr sellers have noticed a dip in sales, but I am sure these will jump up as soon as people get back to work in the new year.

Have a very Happy New Year 🙂



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Guest tn5rr2012

I just finished up my last few orders for 2012 and looking forward to a prosperous 2013 for my family tree gig. This year was exciting for me as I had close to 500 family trees started. Now that may not seem like many orders to some of you but the research involved that is lots of time and great fun for me, I love what I do

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