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Gig conversion for Beginners! (New Sellers)


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That is normal if we are a new seller or we make a new gig.

and one again, you can research your competitor and mimic some metadata or maybe the way they describe their successful gig

mimic some metadata or maybe the way they describe their successful gig

Suggesting this guy go and copy a seller who has established themselves here and is successful is bad advice and a good way to get his account tossed off the platform. There are many sellers here who often will put their Gig descriptions into search to see who is copying them - and then they report them - and those sellers are no longer selling.

While you may be able to get some ideas from other Gigs - do NOT copy or “mimic” what someone else has taken time to think through and write for their own Gig.

As for the OP - if your Gig got a decent amount of impressions, but NO clicks or sales, there is something amiss with your Gig - it is not catching the eye of the potential buyer and this will cause your Gig to keep sinking lower and lower. Best to take a second look at your Gig and retool it.

If you have made Gigs in overly populated categories, this can also be a problem, as it can be difficult if not impossible to gain traction in categories that have literally 1000’s of sellers and new ones signing up every day to do the same exact thing.


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