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  1. Hi sellers! I have been a seller on Fiverr for almost 6 years, there have been lots of algorithm changes so far, where it will affect profile impressions, the number of projects, even the income you receive. If you are the CEO of fiverr, please state your 3 missions!
  2. I have try that, and I have find my gig but when I try to check that manual all page from page 1 to page 7 I didn’t find my gig appear, I also have report that to CS and few day again my gig is back but the other day it disappear again In my case is when I get “Fiverr Choice” and I also knowing that other contributor also get “Fiverr Choice”, is that crash data then one of our gig will disappear
  3. That is normal if we are a new seller or we make a new gig. and one again, you can research your competitor and mimic some metadata or maybe the way they describe their successful gig
  4. Hi @ithearslan I don’t know about the detail, but you might do research on your competitor, maybe your competitor has changed with different metadata on page one and they more look attractive services offer. And maybe you can try to update your portfolio preview with more attractive and the title as well
  5. I really agree with @ligiacarvalho and you might try to send the buyer request because you can filter by your self the project that fits with your services And you might build a strong profile metadata. You can mimic from some of your competitor mixes and match that. and periodically try and error the hidden metadata (my suggestion is on the weekend because the gig will inactive after changing the metadata) Good luck,
  6. Hi welcome to the Fiverr community 🥳 That is normal, some of us wait a couple of months with all of our effort (sending buyer requests, share on social media, and many more). My suggestion is don’t easy to give up, try and try again Try to mimic how successful contributors deliver their profile description and keep active on the forum and you will get the information that you need
  7. As long as I know, I found one marketplace like Fiverr, is allow our gigs on Fiverr to export on their platform
  8. You can keep periodic follow-up them, and find their paint point, (price, time, quality, etc.) from their feedback. Keep it up,
  9. I think OoO needs to be updated/evaluated, in my opinion, the current OoO system is difficult for contributors, especially if the customer does not notice that in the beginning. And the could trigger contributors to make somethings inappropriate
  10. Hi firstly welcome to the Fiverr family, actually like a jungle, hahaha I think if are new contributor here beside try to send buyer request (with all marketing thing that you know), you also need to try to mimic your more successful competitor, how they make their gig, some metadata that they use (some metadata is hidden), how they designing their portfolio, etc. After that, spare your time to read some suggestion on the forum, they have been share a lot with us Cheers,
  11. That was many ways to get that Try to send buyer requestShare your services on your social mediaActive in the community, they will help you a lot. both on and off the Fiverr platformAnd take your initial time to read some suggestion on the forum, you will get much information, Cheers
  12. Yes I totally agree with @genuineguidance So for the rest, you could send the initial delivery before the due date but for Delivery on time, you can make sure that your revision submission is not late
  13. I have been chosen much time on one of my services, base on that I can say if we can keep our good review at 5 stars and the number of selling is base on about one-month selling not all time selling number (doesn’t really matter) and your service are using unique metadata, sometimes I found 2 or more “best selling” in specific service scope, but that different description on “Seller Details” and more
  14. That’s also happen to me, and I report that to CS, after few days my profile appear on search page, but actually it still active but just not appear on search page and we can search on https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new/gig
  15. That’s might not instantly get a promotion gig option. As the Fiverr mention, it’s hand-vetted and also you need to ensure the criteria, rather than just badge level, here are the criteria that I know: You’re a Level 2 or Top Rated sellerAt least one of your Gigs is in an eligible categoryYour Gig scored 4.7 in public ratingYour Gig has at least 30 reviewsYou meet additional quality metrics
  16. As long as I know, when we change our gig description our gig will disable about one day, so please don’t too often change your gig description. So prepare as well your gig description first by researching another competitor and after you are really sure about that you can apply that. For the impression, yes for sure you can share your gig to social media, or you can try to submit on buyer request as much as possible, and you might promote your gig if that has been allowed
  17. Wow like another Grammy award on another day 🥳 Congrats vickiespencer
  18. You might try to calculate the ROI (Return Of Investment), then you can eliminate the gigs that didn’t make revenue. At some article that I have read the ROI at least reach 5% But it’s your choice, some of them said that ROI is can’t see just a few experiments. because an investment is a long term Good luck!
  19. That was many options that you can use, you can use platforms to showcase your portfolio, like Flickr, Dribble, Behance, etc. As I know on that platform many web designer has been uploaded their work, so I think it will work with your issueyou can make a documentation of your work on pdf or something like that, and it needs your little effortif you have been hosted your web design you might use bit.ly to share the linkand others way
  20. Do not solicit for any sort of feedback or review for a completed order or you may very well receive a permanent warning. Reviews are completely optional and voluntary. Fiverr itself reminds buyers to leave a review on completed orders. Continuing to pester a buyer after a delivery has been accepted is a surefire way to receive a bad review or aforementioned permanent warning. Sellers operate on Fiverr to make money through completing orders, not to harvest a high review count. Be happy you received an order and leave it be. Absolutely agree, maybe some of the clients didn’t know before we mention that we need that review. that’s why I say “don’t force” and learn a “good typewriting”, so we can deliver in the good way
  21. My advice is not to get your hopes up on Promoted gigs, still need to pay attention to your portfolio, when you think it’s optimal or at least it’s similar to the format that has been used by your more successful competitors than you can optimize Promoted gigs. Then, keep in control of your gigs, determine the right time to increase or decrease the bid - experiment with that - so you know how many bids in the service you are using to keep it optimal, because we don’t know how many other competitors are giving a bid on the promotion that may be my suggestion because there are many other technical things that have been shared in the forum and I think this is rarely noticed
  22. You might ask for a review but don’t force them to give you the review. And they’re a lot of good typewriting to ask review in a good ways
  23. I thought it was normal for my first client to think that I was a bad seller even with a profile that I’ve been building for quite a while and with thousands of good reviews. Because basically, this is an open platform for either talented designers or bad designers. Then the easiest thing a buyer can do is look at the reviews, besides how many times a seller gets repeat orders from a buyer’s review, that is an easy measure to see. And there are many other things that can be seen from the quality of a seller from his profile
  24. Base on my experience, I can back to page one about one month. my tips just improve the way we can increase the number of our project, you can use any ways to get more quantity of project base on my condition I try to get at least 1 project every day and 1 complete project every day on a weekday That’s also depend on your service and your competitor
  25. Base on my experience, I can back to page one about one month. my tips just improve the way we can increase the number of our project, you can use any ways to get more quantity of project base on my condition I try to get at least 1 project every day and 1 complete project every day on a weekday
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