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What to do with those clients who get things for free?


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Hello, I had a terrible experience with a client who in the end got an animation for free. When I bought the gig, he was very dry with his requirements because it was not understood what he wanted, I practically had to “beg” him to know exactly what he wanted, in the end he knew how to go deeper. When I presented the animation to him, he said that he liked it and that he wanted a minimal change but that it was all good, doing that. I did not know anything more about her, she did not respond to messages, nor do I approve if she liked it. The days passed and I asked him if he was okay, then I told him to answer as soon as possible because there were only 24 hours left. I was thinking of going to the control center to request a cancellation of the gig because the client did not respond to my messages, but I read that if I did that, it would not go well for me because my sales would drop or something like that. So, because I had a lot of jobs to deliver, I decided to deliver the final project. After 5 minutes, he responds in a miraculous way saying that he did not like me and that he wanted a refund. From that moment on I felt like I was scammed because the final file that he was supposed to have liked, he had no longer liked. He didn’t even have the dignity to say hey, just take this away from him and now, he just says, I want my money. Hopefully he decided to accept the mutual cancellation. I am quite sad because it is a great rudeness to me. Can someone tell me what to do with those kinds of people?

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