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One of my first gigs, please help me out :)


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[Here it is]

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About This Gig

Right now it can be tough to be the healthiest version of yourself and many people, for the first time, struggle with finding the right way to train at a time like this.

So you just started getting into fitness and you are overwhelmed as to which exercises you should do? I know how you feel and will therefore provide you with my personal routines I used back when I just started working out!


Detailed leg routine for beginners. Training your legs is more important than you think as these are some of your biggest muscles ! Leg workouts are a natural way to boost testosterone in your body.


Detailed upper body routine for beginners. Aesthetically, training your upper body is arguably the most important part. In this routine you will be introduced to the best exercises for beginners !


Combination of Basic & Standard packages for the ultimate start to your fitness journey!

Thanks to progressive overload , you will be able to use these exercises for months!

**I suggest buying my nutrition plan in order to maximize success, too. **

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