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Fiverr Pros are not pros

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I don’t mind the idea of fiverr pro, and I can understand the reasoning behind it. I also cannot speak for other industries/services beyond my own (music mixing and mastering). However, it seems to me that the threshold for being a pro is extremely low. I personally know one of the “pro’s” who I know most definitely is not a pro and is not very good. Similarly, I have come across quite a few “pro” profiles who really have no experience or credentials other than a bachelors degree.

I’m not sure exactly what the criteria is for this, but it seems that all you need is a degree in a related field to be considered a pro, which in my industry means nothing and tons of people have (myself included, I have 2 in my field and 3 total). In the past I never applied for pro mostly because I thought those guys priced themselves out of the fiverr market. However, lately it seems that fiverr “pro” is becoming very diluted. There are just a ton of them and most are no different than any of the other non-pro sellers in terms of their background.

I feel like fiverr needs to re-valuate and tighten the restrictions on who gets pro status because otherwise you’re just going to have a site where half the sellers are “pros” which defeats the purpose.

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