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Hello, I'm Gemini! Let me introduce my self!

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Hello, Fiverr’s community!
How is your day going? I’ve finally decided to join this site. I don’t know a lot of things so I think I’ll be active for a lot of time on this forum!

First of all:

I’m Gemini. I’m a digital artist and a webcartoonist. I gained a lot of experience but sadly I also understood this: if you are unknown, it’ll be hard to live as an artist!
My intention is to open a digital shop here on Fiverr and work on commissions, so I have something to share on socials and maybe I’ll be able to reach more people!

Nice to meet you guys!
Tips and Tricks are appreciated!

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Guest lloydsolutions

I see you don’t have any gigs on display.

Check out: for how to start selling on Fiverr.

Welcome to the forum. Enjoy! 🙂

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Before opening your gigs and profile, look here and read everything carefully. Remember, the making of your profile and gigs are very important and must have a lot of thought put in. Also, in you line of work, make gigs for different types of work you do. Plan is carefully. The more gigs the better exposure.

favicon-32x32.png.ec956f5f8f8350697c1843b5e83cd40f.png Fiverr.com

Fiverr Help and Education Center

One marketplace, millions of professional services. Browse. Buy. Done.

Watch the videos and there is an option to do a free Fiverr course: It is the only free course and give a very good description on how to open your gigs etc.

qnaZXy6uQJusGog1uF4U_favicon%20%282%29.icoLearn from Fiverr UxsXVk1ASpWzNRU9Rc3X_LRN003_Social-2-Generic_v1-Facebook-Square-1.thumb.jpg.a4b3767169b231c4b8006b1adfb43ae6.jpg

Online Courses for Freelancers & Entrepreneur - Learn from Fiverr

Online courses for freelancers & entrepreneurs. Browse Fiverr's highly practical & step-by-step online courses and kickoff your online learning journey today

Use a genuine photo of yourself.
Get a professional gig picture made.
Add a video to your profile
Check your grammar and spelling in your profile page and gigs.
Look at other gigs particularly top sellers or seller 1 and 2s. Don’t copy, but get an idea.
Look at their SEO tags. These are tags found at the bottom of a gig. 5 words, these drive traffic to you gig.

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