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What does it take?


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Seriously, what DOES it take to find a reliable professional wordpress programmer on fiverr?

They are either professional but not reliable, reliable, but not professional, or professional and reliable but after one finished task usually their grandmother dies, or brother is getting married or 52 siblings are coming to visit all at once and they are not able to finish the work properly and on time.

Fiverr is a great place to find talented and professional designers, but with programmers situation is terrible.

Am i the only one who gets such awful experience with fiverr programmers for 2 years already?

If you are out there, my perfect Wordpress Master whose grandmother most likely won’t die in the next month, please contact me, i have a lot of work for you:)

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For 5 bucks, I am surprised anyone of quality would program anything.

They must live in a fragglesrock country to code for so little.

I am a programmer, and I would never code on fiverr…its like charity or something.

I can make 75+ an hour in the real world. Anyone on fiverr coding must just do it for a hobby or something.

Sheriff’s Note: Please be professional and friendly on the forums. Fiverr is a global marketplace and there is no need for derogatory terms about a person’s home country.

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