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How much time take Fiverr to rank gig?


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Geez so many people saying the same silly thing over and over like saying it will make God come and make it so.

No. N.O.

Fiverr’s robot is not susceptible to:

  • prayer
  • you being there
  • anything you do on any forum
  • your love of cats
  • clicks
  • impressions
  • things people say to do in YouTube videos
  • your choice of underwear

What Fiverr’s robot does like is a Gig that:

  • matches the search request if the buyer is looking for purple parrot porcelain, and you have those words in your gig, you are in with a chance. That is SEO. Like most bots, it is aware of keyword spamming techniques.
  • unique - not a copy of every other gig. If your gig was made to read like every other gig go fix that.
  • successful at selling as success brings more success.
  • pleases customers with good feedback both private and public
  • responds quickly which does not mean “person stays awake all night”

That’s it. The control you have in this situation is to

  • make a Gig that shows clearly what you do with unique images (that you made yourself if the images show your goods - as they always should), unique wording (not the same tired, pointless things most people write). Keywords that back what you do.
  • respond to any enquiries in a reasonable time (once you are awake).
  • get sales with customers you can and will genuinely please - as opposed to grabbing anything you might get away with for $4.

Go get to work

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Are you sure, i think you dont even know what means ranking gigs.

Does sitting on chair makes you taller?

Since august 2020 you havent made even one sale. how u can tell people what to do , if u havent even got a one order for 5 usd

I open a Fiverr account a very long time ago. But I recently started working on this site. I think you should have knowledge about me before you comment. Anyways thank you for your valuable comment.

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