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Help improve my gigs!


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Hi everyone,

I am not new here, but I don’t use it that often only 2 sales in 2 years as I have had so many other things to do. But now I am ready to tackle Fiverr head-on and start getting my name out there.
I am not the best at writing copy, and I need some tips & tricks to get my gig more noticed. If anyone out there can take a look at my gigs and critique them for me, that would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

favicon-32x32.png.ed72bb15bea9646c2aff5816dfcb845b.png Fiverr.com 6B199359-DFFC-4628-91E0-E3A148DC88F3.png.7d240846c65ce05782064679f0a4a54b.png

friendlynabour's public profile on Fiverr

Friendlynabour is a Candian Graffiti Writer/Illustrator now residing in the UK. He is inspired by the old school generations of the '80s and '90s which show influence in his work. From writing his name on the walls, he has now gone digital and grown...

favicon-32x32.png.ed72bb15bea9646c2aff5816dfcb845b.png Fiverr.com draw-expert-cartoons-characters-comics-and-designs.jpg.1b3b269b014a136883f0a8f725310028.jpg

Friendlynabour: I will draw expert cartoon characters for $5 on fiverr.com

For only $5, Friendlynabour will draw expert cartoon characters. | I offer professional character illustrations, from sketch to finished printable product. From an art print for wall hanging, a mascot for your company, or a | Fiverr

favicon-32x32.png.ed72bb15bea9646c2aff5816dfcb845b.png Fiverr.com

Friendlynabour: I will design custom graffiti font for your business or merch...

For only $5, Friendlynabour will design custom graffiti font for your business or merch. | Welcome everyone!As a font lover, graffiti craver and cartoon aficionado; Nabes is here to help you get your creative vision into a physical reality!With a |...

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