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Can i deliver 2 types of orders with a single gig?


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Hi, i’m setting up my gig and i have a question please. Suppose my gig consists of delivering music, but i want to give the buyer the option to either receive a single file with the whole song, or a set of several audio tracks, each including the sound from a different instrument.

Suppose that, if the buyer selects “single track”, he/she will receive an MP3 file, and if he/she selects “multiple tracks”, he/she will receive 9/10 WAV files AND 2/3 additional files instead. So, according to what is selected, the output is actually different.

I want to ask this to the buyer when he/she places the order, using the request fields, with a simple question (“single or multiple tracks ?”). In the gig description, i would describe the difference between the 2 deliveries, maybe by using the PDF attachment.

Can you tell me if is this accepted by Fiverr ? Of course i could setup 2 different gigs, but this would lead to having 2 gigs that are almost the same…
Thank you

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Is one more work than the other? If so, maybe think of a third option and make those the three gig packages.

Work is about the same for the 2 versions, and i had already decided 3 packages, but you actually have a point there. I can re-design the offer so that, for example, i can use the first 2 packages for the first type of delivery, and the 3rd for the other. Thank you for your tip!

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