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  1. Thank you for your response, i will give a better check at the license FAQ pages then!
  2. Hi, i want to create a gig which includes short music/jingles as part of the order (Youtube intros). I saw that many sellers who offer similar services allow the buyer to include the music option in the videos they deliver to them. The music is supplied by the seller. I was wondering how those sellers obtain the music they include in the order. I know there are web sites which offer royalty free music, but they are never really free - You must either subscribe a monthly plan or buy a license. But in both cases, YOU (the seller) are buying the right to use the music, NOT your client, since the licenses are non-trasferable. And moreover, what if the buyer wants to test 4/5 jingles/musics ? Do you need to buy them all, risking to lose a big amount of money if the client cancels the order ? If there are any sellers who include music in their offer, can please give me any advice about the matter ? The same applies to graphics, for example photos and illustrations which are included as background in graphic gigs. Thank you!
  3. Hi sellers, i published my very first gig several weeks ago and i have a question please. In the first N days, i got 400 impressions and 20 clicks. But then, day after day, these values started "decreasing", for example the next day they became 398/20, then 390/20, then 388/14...Today, they are 378/13. I'm pretty sure these values are the total amount of received impressions and clicks, not the daily count of impressions/clicks...So, why are these values decreasing in time? Is it normal or is it a Fiverr bug ? And when they reach 0, will my gig be removed ? (Note: i still haven't got an order and only one person contacted me just to ask a question). Thank you
  4. Thank you. I think i will wait until this night and then i will write to her, asking at least for an update. If no update is given, then i will bring the problem to CS, as you say.
  5. Hi, i want your opinion on the behaviour of a seller with my order. I placed the order on September the 8th 2021. Gig has 3 days delivery time. On Sept 12, she delivered a file audio with partial contents, and wrote me that she had a personal problem and asked to deliver it the day after. I told her i'm okay with waiting 2-3 days more; i clicked the review button, and she told me it was okay asking for a review. So now the order is marked as "Order in progress - Order in review". In the chat she also told me she would deliver the order on the same day (Sept 12), after solving her personal problem. Now it's September the 15th, i know i told her i can wait 2-3 days more, but i had no feedback so far. The seller has very good ratings and reviews; she currently has 3 orders in queue (including mine, i think). Tomorrow i will write to her asking for an update, what i want to know is: is there the risk of having my order considered delivered by Fiverr ? As i said, it is currently "in revision" process (blue box shown in the order page, red text if i click the "orders" menu at the top of Fiverr page). I suspect an order can't be considered "delivered" if it was delivered once and then a revision was asked, but it is the first time i'm in this situation and i don't know how it works. Note that i can't see the "late" word anywhere. So, i'm ok by waiting an extra day before asking a refund (or at least an update), or am i at risk of having Fiverr considering the first delivery as definitive (in which case i would lose my money) ? Thank you
  6. So basically, advertising their service in a good way will work as a "filter" against annoying people...Good to know, thank you!
  7. Hi, i'm a Fiverr buyer, i'm going to try to be a seller in a few days, and i'm also very interested in Fiverr's affiliate marketing program (in the future). Recently, in another post, a seller told that he/she started to receive a huge amount of messages from people harassing him/her with nonsense questions. Somebody replied to him/her saying that maybe the gig has been shared on a Youtube video or other social platform, leading to that situation. So my concern is: since i would like to use affiliation with specific Fiverr gigs ("deep links", right?), should i ask permission to every seller for promoting his/her gig on my web page (i want to use Youtube videos to share my affiliate links), or is this not necessary ? How do affiliates normally behave about this ? Do they ask for permission to the owner of the gig being promoted before actually promoting it, or is this optional ? If i bring traffic to a gig, this could lead to many orders for the seller (and an affiliation commission for me), but also to silly people harassing the seller with stupid questions...Or am i imagining things ? Thank you
  8. Thank you! I wasn't aware of the fact that the ad limitation was related to fake traffic only. And about that link you gave me, i'm reading it right now.
  9. Hi sellers, i'm about to publish my first gig. But i need to be absolutely positive about one thing: can i promote my gig service with Youtube videos ? I'm asking because if i look for this information on this very forum, for some reason i can't really find a definitive answer. On Google, instead, there are several articles saying that it's allowed. What i wish i could do is to run a YT channel where i give (real) tips about several topics, and then suggest my own service as a possible solution to the viewers. I'm not going to use paid ads (i think it's forbidden by Fiverr). Thank you!
  10. Got it. I've never been a seller, so this is helping me a lot to define my offer
  11. Thank you for your thoughts, i didn't take this risk into consideration
  12. Hi, i want to create a gig about drawing animated characters. I'd like to keep the sketching part of the order outside the order itself. I saw many similar gigs and often the seller invites the buyer to contact him/her before ordering, sometimes to send the buyer a pre-order sketch. I'd like to work on the order when the basic sketch has yet been defined, but i don't understand if this pre-order work is accepted by Fiverr and if it could lead to issues with the buyer when working on the order. In your opinion should i consider the sketching operation as part of the order, or can i create the (basic) sketch before the order starts ? If possible i'd like to limit the amount of message exchanges with the buyer, to optimize the time spent working on the order. Thank you
  13. Thank you for the suggestion, i will try to apply balanced prices to my offers then 🙂
  14. I will take that into account. My cheapest package is 10 $ and honestly i can’t ask more for it right now, but should the gig have success, i will raise the price for sure (and the quality) to attract more serious buyers. Thank you for the tips!
  15. Thank you for your thoughts (i think at 3 you meant “seller” 😉 ). Anyway i didn’t think a seller can actually raise his/her prices, i mean, i read many times on this forum that raising prices quickly leads to a reduced amount of orders, but maybe this is not the case if your offer is considered high value
  16. Hi, i’m creating the resources for my very first 2 gigs. I was wondering if including the package prices in the gig video and/or in the gig photos is advisable or not. A good price may work as an effective hook in the video, leading the potential buyer to visit the gig page. But since different buyers use different currencies, i wonder if seeing a USD price in the video and a different price in the gig (€, pounds etc.) due to currency conversion, could lead to confusion. Thank you
  17. Work is about the same for the 2 versions, and i had already decided 3 packages, but you actually have a point there. I can re-design the offer so that, for example, i can use the first 2 packages for the first type of delivery, and the 3rd for the other. Thank you for your tip!
  18. Hi, i’m setting up my gig and i have a question please. Suppose my gig consists of delivering music, but i want to give the buyer the option to either receive a single file with the whole song, or a set of several audio tracks, each including the sound from a different instrument. Suppose that, if the buyer selects “single track”, he/she will receive an MP3 file, and if he/she selects “multiple tracks”, he/she will receive 9/10 WAV files AND 2/3 additional files instead. So, according to what is selected, the output is actually different. I want to ask this to the buyer when he/she places the order, using the request fields, with a simple question (“single or multiple tracks ?”). In the gig description, i would describe the difference between the 2 deliveries, maybe by using the PDF attachment. Can you tell me if is this accepted by Fiverr ? Of course i could setup 2 different gigs, but this would lead to having 2 gigs that are almost the same… Thank you
  19. Hi, i’m about to create my very first gigs (animated characters), but i need some information about creating and publishing a gig before making errors. I couldn’t find the answer to these questions in the forum, so please help me, it would be very appreciated: As a new seller, i read that you can add 2 gig extras per gig (priced at “5 , 10, 20$”). But i don’t understand if this is the total amount, or if “standard” extras are excluded. For example: can i have 2 custom extras, the commercial use, the fast delivery and the source file included simultaneously ? Or would these count as 5 extras and hence not allowed ? I need the buyer to send me reference pictures. I know you can have this as a requirement while ordering, and make it mandatory. Is it limited to 1 file only, or can you allow the buyer to send more than 1 file ? Is it a good idea to mention the package prices (in $) in the gig video ? I’m asking since this may confuse potential buyers who are not using USD. Thank you very much
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