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This is to Guide Every Seller Who is just Posting "My gigs not appearing under Search or moved to last page"


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Hey, Beautiful People out there
I hope you are healthy and really happy. So I am going to share my experience here which could actually help some Sellers in getting their answers. I am not a very active member of the Forum but I definitely want to help other Sellers because I have seen this question a lot in Forum.

My Story - Joined Fiverr in 2013, saw many ups and downs, complete functionality, and looks changeover of the Fiverr. A few Month’s earnings were good and for some, it was only a few sales or none.

In Nov 2020 - I noticed I didn’t even get a single query related to my gigs from new clients. Then I checked my gig analytics they were really bad, down to 100 from 33K.
But as an experienced seller I know how Fiverr works, you can’t be in focus all the time. I didn’t post a single post on Fiverr asking useless questions like How to get back in search when I knew that this is not something that we can control.
As a seller never expect you will always be on TOP search pages. There are tons of Sellers on Fiverr and Search Algo keeps rotating gigs.

I have seen many topics where people ask silly questions like “How to appear on the first page in search”.
Just think if anyone knows how to do that, won’t they be on ist place all the time.
Just don’t check your gig impressions every day, keep the focus on actual work. Yeah, do give a fresh description to your gigs if they are drop dead.

In the end there are tons of Freelancers like us on Fiverr and you won’t get any permanent place in the search.

Don’t just depend on one source of Income. Along with Freelancing try to find a job or do some small business for a better future.

I wish you all very Successful years ahead.

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I mean Forum is full of such Questions - My gig not appearing in search. I mean how can people expect that if they join Fiverr today and tomorrow moring they will be on top and get tons of orders.

This is not a easy money scam. You actually have to work hard like any other field to earn something.

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