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Perfect Size of Fiverr Gallery Image


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Hi it’s FreelanceSandra Here… I left a long time ago to pursue other things but now i am back here on Fiverr. So while i was creating my new gigs, the suggested minimum size i see is 550px X 370px. I created the image and after i uploaded it, it didn’t really fit… The aspect ratio is not right. I went through the forum and i see many other suggestions like 682px X 459px, 690px X 426px, 680px X 442px etc. I tried all of them but they didn’t fit at least on PC. On mobile whatever size looked ok.

As a graphic designer, i always want my images to really fit the frame. The aspect ratio has to be right. That is, equal white spaces on the edges height and width. So i measured the image placeholder area and it’s exactly 639px X 384px. I redesigned my images to be exactly 639px X 384px, uploaded it and this time it really fit.

So for those searching for the right image size or dimensions of gallery image, it’s actually 639px X 384px. Check out my images and see that it fits perfectly. Try that and see if that works for you…

I hope this helps and if you have anything to add please comment below…


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Mine’s 16:9 too and I still see your thumbnails are cut-off on the side edges. What browser do you use? I use Chrome.

I use chrome too… It’s cut off if you are in mobile but it really fits the placeholder area with equal white space on the edges… On PC it’s not due off… Other sizes always have more white space on the left and right than the top and bottom…

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