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  1. When you choose samples to display on your profile ideally you would have put work that best displays the quality of what you plan to sell to potential clients, so with that being said, if someone took a look at your work, read your description and FAQ and couldn’t decide whether or not were the right person for the job, I personally don’t think a free sample is going to change that. The fact that their first idea was to ask for a free sample rather than discuss the project with you, to possibly see how you would carry out the work, to me screams bad buyer and/or scammer. But that’s just my opinion, good luck!
  2. Not quite sure why I’ve been looped into this but seeing people upset over some lines of code is hilarious.
  3. If knowing how much others got for tips is a motivation for your best work, freelancing might not be the best option for you.
  4. It’s pretty clear, you were found using content or work that wasn’t yours and reselling it/displaying it as your own. I wasn't surprised to find "your" logo.
  5. I disagree, I think they just choose not to accept this information because it isn’t some guy on YouTube that gave it to them, I mean, just look at this guy. image1019×347 29.2 KBBasically living breathing proof of what’s wrong with this forum.
  6. Welcome to forum 😍 @vibronx remember 24 hour online and 10 buyer request. On a more serious note, this thread should get pinned because the amount of people posting the same three questions over and over makes the forum very tiring after a while.
  7. Well, I think it gives a great starting point and there’s the argument that if it sounds good then who cares, personally though I wouldn’t hand in a final mix/master with what Neutron or Ozone spits out alone. Definitely a great tool to have though.
  8. Yes to both! Wow - blown away by all the entries. When I first heard Elsasollesvik samples, I could not have imagined the types of tracks you all came up with. Super unique takes across so many genres. The winner will be announced here within the next few days… plus it’s looking like we’ll add 2nd and 3rd place prizes too with all these great submissions! In the meantime, would love to hear any feedback on this. Should we do more contests? Different types of prizes? Different types of challenges? All opinions are welcome Much needed love for the Music & Audio side of Fiverr, I’m sure everyone would love more contests or community challenges and it was great to finally hear everyone in their creative zones. Looking forward to whatever comes next!
  9. These stats only stick around for 60 days at a time, that cancellation won’t have any effect after 60 days.
  10. There are two great functions to limit how much work you have coming in, given your read time of an hour on the forum it doesn’t seem like you’ve done much reading regarding how the platform works or the tools available to sellers.
  11. It wasn’t until about page 4 that I started to see gigs without reviews, some of them have some crazy pricing, charging anywhere between £100 to £4000 for the exact same bot, I know this because I clicked on a few and they would have screenshots with the same interface, looks like it’s just a android app too, so they’re charging hundreds if not thousands for an APK? A lot of the gigs had one or two reviews and were always from the US, makes me think these gigs could be paying for reviews. Would take quite a bit of reporting to get Fiverr to start taking some of these down but to be honest I’ve never seen a profile I’ve reported taken down. Edit: I really don’t get it anyway, I mean, if you’re making thousands with a trading bot why the need to come to a site like Fiverr to sell it? Surely you’d be making your thousands/millions with your bot?
  12. It seems trading bots have quite a market on here although they all claim high earnings and mention nothing about risks, looks very shady.
  13. They have no responsibility in deciding what days and times you work, if you want to be on every day they allow you to do so. Calling it unethical seems ridiculous.
  14. Yes, this is the best advice you’ll get all day. Just stare at your screen for 20 hours a day hoping someone will click on your gig! It’s so brilliant, why hadn’t I thought of that before? Who needs sleep anyway?
  15. You got paid. Buyers don’t have to leave reviews.
  16. I agree but part of the reason, if not the main reason, why Fiverr works so well for buyers is because it ensures that the work buyers receive suit their needs, and if a buyer isn’t getting the value they need then Fiverr makes it easy on them by giving them their money back and encouraging them to look for other sellers. I understand your frustration because time has gone in but you’ve received nothing in return, but I’d encourage you to just learn from this experience , I learned to stop giving special treatment early on because of bad experiences I had with people that take advantage of that, sadly you learnt that in a much harder way, so, as I mentioned before, make sure the rough cut is rough. Good luck!
  17. You make a good point there. Although it is possible that they had been making those comments themselves and once they showed it to the director, or their manager, they decided it wasn’t on par with what they needed, in fact, saying that makes me think this person could’ve just been some middle-man that claims he can edit and outsources the work.
  18. Not sure who in their right mind would use a rough cut as a final product especially if they were ready to spend £250 on it, and if the rough cut was that good then you need to make your rough cuts a bit less polished(?). I don’t know, personally I have to side with the buyer on this one.
  19. There isn’t any ‘correct’ way to fill that out. Not sure what advice you’ve received but being on the forum has no effect on your Fiverr gigs. Just fill it out however you want and add pictures you like because the only people that will see it are the people on the forum.
  20. Why did you get your first warning? I tried looking at any previous threads you may have made but nothing showed you talking about it so I’m not sure what “delivery button mistake” means. As for your second warning, I think there’s quite a few banned phrases and words to avoid people from having contact outside of Fiverr, you could try contacting them about it though.
  21. Complete overreaction! So what, the buyer tried to contact you outside the platform and then made several accounts, not only breaking ToS but also harassing you. Sarcasm aside I’m amazed you didn’t report them to CS after they tried to get you to contact them off Fiverr.
  22. Great work with this once again! I’ve had a few ideas for some new gigs but this has made me rethink them a little. Baaack to the drawing board.
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