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Magic pill for success!


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What is the shortcut of success?
You can spend your whole life by Googling but you won’t get any.
So crazy, so called viral YouTuber are always waiting for such folks who are looking for the shortcuts.
If you don’t improve your skill and communication, failure will be your only friend no matter how much viral videos (success in 5 minutes) you have watched.
Buyer doesn’t want tricky sellers, good communication, skills and loyalty that’s the only requirements from your buyer.
Stop blaming and comparing yourself with others.
Stay focused, stay hungry, keep developing yourself.

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This is the most common questions now a day in Forum.
I’ve lost my gig rank!
My gig impression and clicks are getting down every day!
I’m not getting messages from buyer!

There are many algorithms for Gig ranking.
The most effective way to get your rank back or to get the impression back is “A Good Review from buyer”.

Create repeated Customer by giving your best services and a review from your buyer in the bad time will help you to get your impressions/clicks back.

There are hundreds of other factors related with gig rank but this is one of the most effective way.

Happy Freelancing.


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Another thing that determines your success on Fiverr is your Conversion Rate, your Conversion Rate is measured by how many people have viewed your gig and ended up closing a successful gig.

It’s also a good idea to make your gig convincing and attractive to buyers. The more you sell on Fiverr the more you become successful.

Fiverr is one amazing platform where you need both the patience, hardwork and creativity to be successful.

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The most common questions from maximum new seller are:

1. How can I get my first order? 2. It's been a while, but I didn't get any order! 

I'm not here to write a big article, and I'm not good at it. It's simple! First ask yourself If you were a buyer, then what would be your requirements from the seller? Now ask yourself again. Are you meeting those requirements? If no, then improve your profile and Gig.


Maybe you are skilled enough in your domain, but if your communication skills are poor, that quality will be in vain. This is a competitive market. You will not get a second chance. So prepare yourself before going to the battlefield

Happy Freelancing.

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Exactly, You explained well shortly. 

In details!
1. Research Your category in the Fiverr Gig Page.
2. Find Out which gig doing well and what strategy they are following. Just collect Idea from the gigs that you researched. never copy a single line/Image/design from anyone. 
3.  Make a short note about your gig Title, keywords, description etc. 
4. Think about Image and create new Image through your own skill, I use photoshop always. Be alert, If you use any photos from google, be sure that image is copyright free. Never use any Images that copyright is marked. 
5. Select Q/A and provide your best answares, Never copy someones Q/A. 
6. Give actual price of your task, never less price to grab more buyers. If you add actual price then you will get orginal buyers. If you set cheap price you will get most of agency/consultation group they will resell your service to others. 
7. Add PDF/Video on the gig media section. It will provide you extra benifits.
8. Publish your gig and share with your social media sites like LinkedIn, twitter etc. never post it randomly in facebook/twitter/linkedIn comment section. It will be harmful for you cause most of the social media mark it as SPAM. Often they block you for this activity. 

In simply, show what you can do and why you are diffrent from others. Happy Freelancing! 🙂 

Thanks for your time,

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