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  1. You need to post, interact in the forum. This is how you will get a higher badge. Please note that this forum badge doesn't have any relation with your seller profile.
  2. Congratulation Grandpa! Sorry Grand Mister, sorry, what did you ask to greet to yourself?
  3. This topic is mostly relevant with Asian sellers, however you all are welcome to contribute here. As we know, most of the Buyers are from America & Europe. For the different time zone we need to stay awake at night mostly which is extremely harmful for our body. What do you do to make your body detoxified and how you take care of your health? I Do, 1. 45 Minutes weight exercise 4 days in a week. 2. 1 Day cardio exercise in a week. 3. 10 kilometers running on every Friday morning. 4. I drink plenty of water at late night while working and in daytime as well. 5. I never miss eating green leaf and vegetables in my meal every day. If there any health expert, let me know whether this is okay or not and what do you do for the body recovery? Happy Freelancing!
  4. I have one. No DP, no posts. I had to download the app to check my client's profile once a day.
  5. Inspiring, keep the good work. Keep improving your skills and never be settled.
  6. Inspiring, keep the good work. Keep improving your skills and never be settled.
  7. Congratulations man! Why I'm congratulating you? Who cares? Congratulations again!
  8. What's new? Tons of new sellers are here now which is not new lol. I don't see anything new.
  9. Glad to see, how you are extending your hands for support. Keep up the good work!
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