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Delivered On Time - Decreasing?


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Hi guys!

Since the first late delivery (early November), my “Delivered on Time” value stayed in 98% and never went back to 100% despite the fact that I haven’t had any late deliveries in the past 60 days. I left it like that, not worrying too much about it, since it didn’t seem to affect my overall stats.

Now, I notice it decreased again to 95%! But I didn’t deliver late these past days. I’ve requested an extension of delivery time a couple of times due to my hectic schedule, but that shouldn’t be the cause, right?
Also, I have delivered an order (on time), but my client asked for revisions and so it’s in my Dashboard with the “LATE” notif. (that I hate to see)… but the first delivery was punctual so that shouldn’t count either, right?

Anyone who knows the reason behind this? I see that if it decreases to 90% I might lose my Level 1 badge… Seriously…


(PS: I wish Fiverr would allow us to see which orders actually caused the decrease in these stats, so that everything would be clearer…)

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