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  1. Well done, it shows that hard work pays off! This is a big mile stone.
  2. You should wipe your PC’s drives or just remove them before you sell it. If you have wiped your drives then I think you need to log into your google account in google chrome to get all the saved passwords. I think it should be fine if you wiped the drives but if you are still worried contact CS or if you change your password then it should log them out if they have logged in to your Fiverr account.
  3. What you could do is politely ask them if you can have a bit more of a variation between designs. Maybe if you have some ideas, I know that they should be the ones with the ideas unless stated otherwise, you could tell them to the seller to hopefully get them to change what they are doing.
  4. You might need to contact CS to see what they can do for you. I would just double check to make sure that you are not showing up.
  5. You hit the nail on the head! It is a premium service on the website
  6. Have you been editing your gig daily? Have you gone all the way to the back page?
  7. I would sit pretty on the order. Wait to see if anything happens after you have reported this to Fiverr and maybe get in touch with CS.
  8. If you want to get first orders then you can just search on the forum for that. If you have any questions just ask, but check if they have been asked before on the forum. Hope you have success on Fiverr. Good luck!
  9. Don’t use anything that could be considered offensive and don’t use slang because it can confuse people.
  10. If you get any orders make sure that you pour your soul into them to get that five-star and that can help. Also if you need help getting an order I find that a lot of people look at the gig image a lot so try and make that stand out but don’t neglect the text.
  11. The thing is that if you have 4 orders and one of them is late then you have a 75% on time delivery. If your next delivery is on time it wont shoot back up it would go to 80%. You just need to get more orders and deliver them on time to get a better percent. (Also I don’t know if the math is right, I just did it quick as sort of an example)
  12. It sounds to me like you are trying to become a level 1 seller then get the late delivery. As @j6nyc6 it sounds like you are trying to game the system. You should either cancel the order now or you could have contacted CS with the issue and they can cancel it without it going on your record.
  13. I spent quite alot of time looking for another font and I think it might just be worth letting them cancel.
  14. I think I might accept the dispute because I would rather they cancel than us both be stuck with them paying for something that they don’t want me working for something that they don’t want.
  15. Its a premium subscription on the website from what I believe. I might be wrong, but that is from what I can find but I could be wrong
  16. Wrong. This is breaking the rules and can lead to warnings and potential bans. Okay, I will not recommend doing that anymore. For most of my orders, they have gone quite smoothly and the buyer left a review.
  17. @imagination7413 I am just thinking that I should tell them what I think about it but accept it. Also if I complete the order I am worried that they might give a bad review
  18. Hello, I am a seller and I just got a dispute from a buyer. The buyer wanted a certain font for the work and the only way I could get that font would be to pay monthly. I could possibly cancel after the first month but they paid me for the work, not for the fonts. I have no clue what to do about it. I don’t have many orders and I think that having that canceled order could really hurt my rankings and orders.
  19. Yeah alot of people have said that they have be de-ranked so to speak. I think that it might just be happening to you as well. By the way congratulations on fulfilling the requirements to be a TRS
  20. Hello, I am wondering if I should put times on each package such as “I will spend (insert time) working on your logo” or should I just do lower-quality work on the basic package and do my best ever on the premium package. Any advice would be great!
  21. Honestly, I am starting to notice a theme on the forum. It seems that a lot of the issues come from the payments whether it be the buyer or the seller. Fiver really need to get this stuff fixed because some people make a living off fiver and having money issues can add a lot of unnecessary stress.
  22. Well that is a big problem if you ask me. No really I don’t know what to say. Oh yeah when you get started write your own things because it is personalised to you don’t get someone else because then they might write things that isn’t in your style. Also for the sake of your career on Fiverr, don’t steal people’s descriptions.
  23. I am sorry that you had to deal with that, I hope your next order goes better than that. You took all the right steps to not get your account banned and take action against the user. I am glad Fiverr stepped up to the plate and showed some moderation on their platform to ultimately make it better for all people who use the site.
  24. I would contact customer support and see if there is something that they can do. Also I would try not to get too many warnings maybe use another word because if you get too many reports your account can get terminated. I can see that you have tried to use other words but you could use something that is not related to paying at all. Hope that can help you.
  25. As @looseink said don’t give him commission as it is probably a scam. They will either cancel right after you send the commission through, or it is an alt account that they are using to get discounted things. That is very suspicious because fiver is a platform where freelancers are supposed to find their buyers. Also before I go, please report this guy for that because I think that it is a scam. I would then just block them and don’t call them out because they could still leave a bad review out of spite.
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