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SOS: Buyer deleted my work, no contact, already 12 hours in


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I have a buyer that I am creating a mighty network for. The buyer bought the gig and I was doing everything asked, including pivoting in an entirely different direction after pulling an all-nighter because he was pressuring me even though we already had a agreed on a schedule and plan. He did not fully disclose how his aggressive marketing strategies would play a factor in creation but still i did everything in my power to make the mighty network accomodate that.

Well after he tested the product with his audience they were having problems understanding it. I offered solutions and tried to be the most accomodating seller possible. Well… I emailed them, professionally and politely, saying since I had not heard from them in a week after constant contact before and the delivery date being 2 days away, that I was wondering where we stood on deliverables.

I got back on later today to discover that they have deleted the page (: All of my work there is gone. I have screenshots of the page. I will complete the rest of the project with what I have but I am terrified that they will mess up my rating or try to get out of paying me. I am already 12 hours in and it seems unfair for them to just try to ditch my services. Any advice??

Re: I found the website in an archive! We are back (:

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It’s risky being a freelancer, isn’t it?

I hope you had set some milestone payments in place so that you can recover something.

Sadly, the Buyer calls the shots.

I know I would never have worked all-night for someone after a schedule had been set and agreed upon…but that’s me.

I hope you are able to reach the Buyer and that he/she does something to lighten your loss.

Good luck.

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