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A (must) boring story

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Hi There,
This is Kayas Hossain and you are going to read a must boring story. As a Microsoft Certified & Lean Six Sigma professional, I’ve been working for Customer Care since last sixteen years. It was completely out of my comfort zone to get into myself in online marketplace to sell my expertness. I met a guy two months back (he is almost half of my age) and heard about Fiverr and i listened the story of becoming a self independent freelancer. I was really happy for him. I saw the Fiverr interface for the first time and found the millions of opportunities to work for the unemployed people. then i thought, i should ask people to become skilled and to join in this marketplace. But before asking them to join here i should join myself first and i should set some examples. If i can do this in this age why shouldn’t You? I have published 4 Gigs (not in very professional way) and i’ve sent 30 requests and i’m very much lucky that one potential buyer liked my action plan (though she is highly scared about my zero review) and she wants me to mange her Facebook business pages.
Wish me luck so that I can complete the Task with my first 5 star review and i will quit the place after successful five projects. As soon as i will achieve my targets i will be starting to invite people to become a FREELANCER instead of holding a resume for a job.
Happy working.
Love for all.

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Hey, that’s great:D
being self-independent in your way is the most joyful thing as a freelancer…

I am trying to develop a career too in Fiverr as a freelancer plus it gathers experience on my studies as an ongoing CSE student:)
till now I am loving this…

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