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Wrong Fiver exam Score


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Hello guys, I don’t know if this is a Bug. But i took the after effects exam and got 6.8/10 ( Top 30). I was not impressed with my score. I retook the exam and got 7.8/10. even though i am still not impressed, but my profile shows only 6.8/10 and not showing my new score of 7.8. Please how do i fix this?

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  1. Did you click the proper button when exiting the test, and did not close the window instead?
  2. Try to log out and log in, use another device’s browser, etc., or check tomorrow if it has changed.

BTW Fiverr’s tests are really buggy and they do show wrong info at times - but mostly, they don’t really drive any extra buyers, so don’t stress over them. If it really annoys you, hide the score until you can retake it.

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