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  1. I am not really interested in working on fiverr. I already have a contract and most of this fixed jobs are Just time consuming at the end you figure out you could have made more if you where doing an hourly work.
  2. Even if you're good at what you do, I feel the saturation is now too much that you will be at the bottom of the page. For example, I see animators using vyond and charging over 500$ to create 60sec video. It's crazy, I can even do that for free. It is nothing because no skill is even utilised, every animation is already pre rendered. I too had to create a gig and use a template, of course if you can't beat them sometimes you join them, but still maintaining your quality gigs.
  3. Nice. Like I said, there are people who have orders in ques, test they have been here before covid and worked for years, they have returning clients etc. But right off the bat, the quality of poor client's here is too much. For example, I too traveled to a other African country after I got a contract job on another freelance website (Name withdrawn). It was 30$/Hr and it's a contract that will last for 2 years. I have been turning down orders from fiverr ever since a month now because it is not worth it. Fiverr can do better if you understand what I mean.
  4. You are right, but not every gig is $5- 10 order work. Maybe for voice overs it really easy to do so. Perhaps copy-writing. But not from animation come on guys
  5. Return the tip and tell him to keep his rating😁
  6. Yes, I offer low prices on some of my gigs not all. I charge 1000 for Most of my premium gigs. When I talk about low seller, I don't mean low from 100$. There are people that 1000$ a month is not enough to pay for rent. So they can charge higher, I'm talking about people who their money are less yet they still charge peanuts. And trust me I add extra in the gig like license, extra stuffs😉
  7. Lol. No offence, been getting stupid and useless messages on my gigs and I am happy no one has even ordered because it's crazy how people want you to work for peanuts. Recently created a character Rigging gig, even though I charge really low for what I may give the client, I still get alot of stupid poor orders. I will have to put my account to away because fiverr is too saturated and too poor for you to actually make a living. I get it, there are people commanding 30 orders in que, but at the end you figure out you're working way too much. Unless you're outsourcing ofcourse. With the way this website is saturated with low ballers, I wonder what happens to this site in the next 5 years to come. Recently checked the buyer request and saw 350 offers sent for a 10$ job, it is finished.🤣
  8. Lol. This really got you mad. I'm tired of fiverr. Those sellers that sell for 5$ had made this site useless. I've been turning down offers, recently got an hour work of 25$ on another freelance site. Fiverr is just too saturated an messed up.
  9. Fiverr buyers request is trash. Imagine 5 to 20$ for a work of $500. Lately, I have been super active on upwork, landing over 3000$ already within two months of creating account. The lowest buyer request I see is 150. Per 30 seconds of work, which is good for me. Also, the maximum offers are usually 50, unlike Fiverr where you have 150 freelancers seeking one job. Nah it's a mess. Since anyone can join Fiverr without getting screened, it messed up the system.
  10. No Maria, it's not about more orders,I'm not really happy with the animations I am creating here. I am not proud of them, because of the peanut the clients payout. I want to create quality videos that I can be proud of. There is no way I can create a video for 400$ and the person expects me to apply all 12 principles of animations, plus character creation.
  11. @visualstudiosI would love to ask you a question?. Is there any requirement to apply for Fiverr pro? Apart from perhaps sharing Behance profile to preview work etc. I would love to apply for pro but I don't know if I need to be level 2 or pro. But if I meet all other requirement and showing my strong profile on Behance, can that give me a lead?
  12. Sounds optimistic, someone above said he was top rated yet sending offers was a total waste of time.
  13. This is the most difficult part. Especially when your gig is not on the front page. I don't know if there is another way to promote a gig. I'm getting far more orders locally compared to Fiverr.
  14. The price points are wack. I've seen a 5$ with over 100 sellers proposal. Lol for just 5 bucks what the f***
  15. @vickiespencer what is the need? Before I even type my proposal, I'm already seeing 100 offers sent. All copy and paste. The copy and paste give people no chance to talk about the gig. And your offer will be at the very last bottom maybe the 81 person, will the buyer have that time to go through all these?.
  16. This days, I'm even scared to send buyer requests. I always see 100 offers sent or 150
  17. I've seen an offer of 150 sent. I'm living off of my returning client's. This is a bad sign. I can't add images. This new forum is buggy
  18. You are a computer programmer, who does alot of html and php, but your skills shows you only know Photoshop and web development, however, you also know 3D Animation and logo design, sketch, how to create puzzle books for Amazon, audio and video transcription. Edit PDF, etc So much skills that are not closely related. I’ve seen people loose getting good jobs because they are “jack of all trades”. Perhaps you could narrow down your skills?.
  19. @julianbetje do not deliver. Buyer can claim incomplete work, unless you’re a certain you did the exact work then you can deliver. Ofcourse he will come back because of the bugs, and ask you to fix it. Perhaps you can meet in the middle and find out what works for the both of you. If you get 1star now, you drop to 4.2 rating, and you can’t send buyer requests.
  20. @bigrose21 I registered on fiver in 2019, but became so serious in 2020 October. I do Animations, I started with 100$ for the cheapest work. I saw alot of people selling for 5$, and had like 5 orders in que why I only had like one. Well, it was better for me. My current average selling price is 150$ as of today. I checked some profiles I was monitoring, during my growth and noticed they are still at no level, while I’m at level one. Only 3 jobs got me to 400/400. With my 27 jobs so far. I’m growing slowly, yes I know, but I have my sanity. I make a lot of money from one video alone at 250, and if I make 2 in a month, I’m very much comfortable. Increasing my price never stopped it. Don’t look at others op, don’t feel inferior to anyone.
  21. Send your insta, but state that you must get paid only through fiverr.
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