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Got Clicks & Impressions, But No Orders, Also Buyer Request Dissapears Fast!


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Merry Christmas!!

So, I’ve used social media to promote my gigs, and have been getting impressions and clicks, but no orders from buyers yet. I think something is wrong with my gigs. Can someone please check my gigs and tell me what’s wrong? You can find them here: https://www.fiverr.com/lc_visuals?up_rollout=true

Also, I find the “Buyer Request” section really, weird. Most buyer requests that I get, are not at all related to my gigs. They appear and vanish in the blink of an eye! I can’t refresh and get them back. Is anyone else facing the same issue?

And also, how do I select a custom template for sending a buyer request? Whenever I try to send one, my default gig templates appear on the offer page & I can"t delete or change them.

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There are 2 out of your 3 Gigs showing seasonal thumbnail - Christmas.

How about to replace it with other art? I mean not seasonal.

Thanks for the suggestion 🙏

The point of making them seasonal was because of Christmas. 😊 Now, since Christmas is over, I guess I’ll have to change them.

Also, thinking about adding a video to the portfolio section. A video with voiceover that showcases my work. Looking for a tool for this, do you know any?

Would love to know your thoughts on marketing gigs! 🙏

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