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  1. Absolutely not, having an offer declined or cancelled will not affect your stats. Other things like cancellation of orders, late deliveries, … will do. Your BUYER REQUEST section will always display requests related to your gig’s categories. So it’s not possible for you to send offers to requests that are not related to your gigs because you won’t see them. I hope this helps! Thanks for replying 🙏 Either the Fiverr algorithm is partial to certain key words and only showing buyer requests related to them. In my case, for my sihouette gig I gave silhouette, silhouetteart, silhouettes, illustrations and vector art as the key words. But, I’m only getting buyer requests related to “illustrations” and “vectorart”. The other reason might be that Fiverr doesn’t have too many clients for silhouettes, and so I don’t get buyer requests for silhouettes. 😢
  2. Hey!! Will my gigs be ranked low, if the buyer cancels or declines my buyer request offer? Is this true, or a myth which should be debunked?Being a new seller, I don’t get too many buyer requests that are related to my gigs. This makes it very difficult to send an offer. Do you get buyer requests that are related to your gigs? If you don’t, then do you send offers to buyer requests that are not related to your gigs?🙂 Share your thoughts!
  3. Thanks saeemjp!! Already, tried Quora. Gonna, take some skill tests soon. Thanks for the suggestion 👍
  4. Thanks for the suggestion 🙏 The point of making them seasonal was because of Christmas. 😊 Now, since Christmas is over, I guess I’ll have to change them. Also, thinking about adding a video to the portfolio section. A video with voiceover that showcases my work. Looking for a tool for this, do you know any? Would love to know your thoughts on marketing gigs! 🙏
  5. Not “dream order”, “order” mate! 😂 Trying to get my first order :))
  6. Merry Christmas!! So, I’ve used social media to promote my gigs, and have been getting impressions and clicks, but no orders from buyers yet. I think something is wrong with my gigs. Can someone please check my gigs and tell me what’s wrong? You can find them here: https://www.fiverr.com/lc_visuals?up_rollout=true Also, I find the “Buyer Request” section really, weird. Most buyer requests that I get, are not at all related to my gigs. They appear and vanish in the blink of an eye! I can’t refresh and get them back. Is anyone else facing the same issue? And also, how do I select a custom template for sending a buyer request? Whenever I try to send one, my default gig templates appear on the offer page & I can"t delete or change them.
  7. Welcome to Fiverr 🎉 md_mahafuz Hope all the links & sublinks in this post help you: [Guide] How to Rank Your Gig for Better Results on Fiverr
  8. Hi, Some freelancers have added their Fiverr Account Link in their Fiverr Forum Profile. I tried to do this, but can’t find the necessary section in my forum profile. All I find is my username and primary e-mail address. Has anybody else done this? Can you help me?
  9. I’m new to Fiverr too. To promote your gigs on different social media platforms, you need different strategies. Each platform is different, so are their rules. Most platforms consider continuous posting as spam, & you may get blocked for this. Quora only allows you to post once in 24 hrs. And this is totally, different for Twitter, Instagram or FB. So, you need to first, know your social media platform better. Learn about it, try it & then do the promotion 👍
  10. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Thanks for the advice, uk1000
  11. Hi, I’m a fiverr newbie. So, I’ve just added 2 -3 gigs, and would love to know what others think about them. Please review my profile and gigs, & share your valuable thoughts with me. Also, how should I start promoting my gigs?? There is a ton of advice about this online. Don’t wanna fall down the rabbit hole on this. So, is there a simple, effective way to promote my gigs?
  12. Hi, I’m looking for free 3d mockup websites. Can anybody here recommend 2 - 3 good ones?
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