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The problem with Fiverr's new rating system

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I have an increased amount of 4 star reviews lately, and I would put a lot of money on that it's not only me. Am I right?

If you have been on the other side and bought something lately on Fiverr, it is very apartment why sellers are getting are getting more of these 4 stars, and it's quite frustrating, because it almost not even the buyers fault for doing this if you have seen the changes. 

If you haven't seen the latest rating system on the buyer side, here it is:

Buyers were asked to leave a review, and you were given 5 stars to pick from. Same system sellers still have when reviewing buyers. 

Now, however buyers are not given this review system, but rather a spectrum of "phrases". I dont remember the exact phrase but it's something along these lines:

  1. Not satisfactory
  2. Satisfactory
  3. Good
  4. Really great (or something similar that most would agree with)
  5. Extremely outstanding (or something over the top like this)

The exact phrase is not important, what is important is that option 5 is a phrase that is over the top, and option 4 is a phrase that most would agree with.

"Was it the an extremely outstanding experience and it changed you as a human? (was kind of the vibe I got from option 5)"

"Was it a really great experience?"
I would say so, they did a perfect job, great communication, and overall just a really great experience.

Ok, then option 4 is the option. When you are done you see that this represented a 4 star.

Buyers do not clearly know this represents a 5 star system, you just go with the option that sounds most fitting.

Has anyone else seen this increase in 4 star reviews? I can't be the only one

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I'm completely on board with you! This new evaluation approach is definitely causing some hiccups with sellers' overall scores. I'm actually facing a similar situation myself. A customer recently gave me a 4, thinking it was the highest rating. It seems they opted for the most human choice available.

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Take a look at this video. This guy already pointed out the problem nearly 2 months ago. But for Fiverr, everything is perfect...
In this new review system, the client NEVER gives stars, whereas the rating on our profile and gigs is in stars. Explain how this is possible!
In the old system "very good" was worth 5 stars . In the new system, "very good" is only worth 4 stars. Why??? 


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I think I've gone, at times, at least an entire year without getting a four-star review (occasional 4.3s and 4.7s, with the remainder being five-star reviews). Now, I've gotten two four-star reviews in the last two weeks alone. Absolutely nothing has changed with regard to the quality of my work. I'm also getting more 4.7 and 4.3 ratings, along with suggestions for "where I can improve" that I'm going to ignore, as I'm very confident in my abilities and the quality of my communication with clients. I was starting to panic, wondering where all these four-star ratings were coming from. I'm a bit calmer now given that I know what's going on and why it's happening. However, after 11 years, I'm seriously considering leaving Fiverr. Or maybe I'll work only with existing clients. The stress in dealing with an unknown quantity (i.e., a new client dealing with a confusing review system) just isn't worth the extra money.

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