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Stats ruined by joke orders


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How many tickets I should open? They closed all my tickets without any answer (even copy-pasted answers). It is just wasting of time

Closed all the tickets? Okay last week I also had somewhat the same problem. I sent the first ticket which took longer than usual. So on the fourth, day I decided to send another ticket. So in total I sent three tickets. To my surprise, they closed all the tickets except for the original one.I decided not to send any more tickets coz I feared of being rude. So finally on the sixth day I got a reply and with serious apology from their end. Here’s how the reply reads:

"Hi there,

Thank you for being so considerate and waiting for our reply! A lot has been going on in the world and our marketplace and our Support Team is working hard on providing the best possible assistance. The support team has been ramping up to meet our rising demand."

So my suggestion is maybe you should send another ticket now that they’ve closed all of them. Perhaps it’s an error from their end.

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