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  1. Maybe it’s a bug. Have you tried the CS
  2. Hello secretgiggle12, from my perspective, this is quite unique. I was thinking maybe it’s six days with six TOS violation. But again that would warrant your account a ban. Again I’m thinking it’s a bug from fiverr’s end. It’s hard to tell. Thanks
  3. Hello crown9, glad to here that you have four gigs and also active. However, alot of factors will have to be taken into account for the success of your gigs. For example, the strength of your gig relative to its surrounding gigs. Does your neighbour’s gig have more rating than yours? Is your gig unique enough to command attention? There are tons of factors that can only be covered in a blog or even a book. Thanks and good luck.
  4. Hello, glad you got help with Payoneer support. I was thinking maybe the automatic transaction is better because of reduced minimum withdrawal of 20$.
  5. Does the 👿 still have an account on Fiverr? Hello, I’ve checked his profile and it seems he’s around. But again maybe I don’t know how to check if a user is banned. I’ll give one week and note if he’s got additional feedbacks on his profile. Thanks
  6. Passed the ticket to the support and they said “Such words are instantly penalized and they will make sure the right action is taken”. I’m hoping they stick to their pledge.
  7. I do agree and with you. But this particular client was like “I’ll make sure your account is blocked, because you’ve declined my offer. You bl*** k** b**”—That is how he responded. With hard feelings.
  8. It’s an absurd situation. It’s no wonder some buyers think they can go scot free with insults. Like this kid who writes his phone number deliberately then says that “I am going to report you”. Nowhere in the conversation did I ask for his contacts. Anyway, I laughed it off and took the screenshots.
  9. Did he want you to do an academic assignment on top of being rude? Yes exactly. After politely refusing his task, he responded with insult saying “I’ll make sure your account is blocked”
  10. I had this problem two months ago. It has to do with something in the gig description. Probably delivery time or the manner in which the description is rendered. In my case I had to ommit a few sentences in the description that were sending my customers away.On the same day I got two orders.
  11. Hello, I absolutely don’t know him. His profile suggest that he comes from *****. I know a few people from Pakistan who are well mannered and hard working, but this particular kid has changed my mind from recieving orders from that particular region. Why would you even call me black? As in, does it even matter? Mod Note: Country reference removed
  12. What’s more funny is how buyers think that fiverr sellers are in a defenseless position. In fact he is the one threatening that I will be banned. I think this is the true definition of exploitation. Luckily, Nowadays fiverr is active in helping seller wherever possible
  13. Hello colleagues. For a very long time I’ve always thought that most fiverr buyers are well behaved or at least civilised. Turns out it’s not. A buyer from ***** has just called me "a ******! Reason is that I refused to do the assignment he wanted. I’m mind blown to be honest. I’m working my way to share these crazy screenshots so you can see. Mmh! Edit: Buyer was ultimately banned from fiverr. Thanks fiverr Mod Note: Inappropriate content removed
  14. Hello colleagues, I’ve been looking for a clear cut answer about this question and I don’t seem to have success. May I know; If I withdraw from fiverr to my bank account through the help of Payoneer, is the money sent to my online Payoneer account after which I should transfer to my bank account OR will the money simply be flashed from my fiverr account straight to my local bank?
  15. Considering that your a kid and making ends meet to win daily bread, I suggest you use a close relative (mom or dad). Unfortunately, the verification process is mandatory and can lead to temporary limitation of account.
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