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  1. I think this happened after your recent post.
  2. Please note that this metric not guarantee TOP RATED status. There a lot of people who already earned 20k on fiverr and still lvl 2 or lvl 1 sellers
  3. They tell this to anyone. It is their standard template. Unfortunatelly you can’t do anything with this just wait until your gig will appear in search results again. I tried a lot of things before without any luck. After some time my gig returned to it’s position. I had a great March sales but in April my gig suddenly went to the last pages and now I don’t have orders from new clients.
  4. Just wait for next gig rotation. My gig also was on the last pages for about 2 months.
  5. I also tried this 2 weeks ago and it was not helpfull. It seems that it was some update on fiverr’s side. Hope that it is not for just 1-2 days (I had similar boost on the 14th -15th of Dec but after that my gig again dropped to the 18th page)
  6. Thanks. My gig dropped on the 8th of December and today my gig returned. Within all that time I edited my gig and profile description few times, changed tags, tried Promoted gigs (got 0 impr. & 0 clicks), contacted CS (but with no luck - just got templated messages). Yesterday I reported about 10-15 gigs that copied my gig description and also changed profile photo. So total 22 days of fun.
  7. My gig returned to 1st page (about 7 hours ago) what about you, guys?
  8. The important question here is did you have the same problems before you changed the image or GIG in any way, on your GIG or did all the problems started after you changed the image? Because you used a similar/same image that was replacing the old one it is now clear that Fiverr has a scanning option that triggers it if the seller uses an image that was already used on the internet. Problems started before editing / etc. I just working good as always and suddenly my gig dropped to the last page. It was on the 8th of December. I checked my gig position in the morning (I do this almost every day) and everything was fine but when I checked again in the evening my gig was on the 17th page. Within this period everything was perfect: no negative reviews, all my stats were 100%, no late deliveries, etc. I started editing after a week being on the last page because I didn’t see any positive dynamic.
  9. Same here. I’ve completed some orders and delivered them as fast as I can. But gig is not moving. I can’t find it by my keywords or title (I could easily find it on 1st page before). My impressions and clicks are 3-4 times less than usual. I also edited it few times, tried promotion feature, contacted CS few times but with no luck. It is just stuck on the last page (while gigs from other sellers are rotating)
  10. It is a good idea. Now when I have a lot of spare time I can finally build a good portfolio and search for new sources of income. I was receiving around 200 orders per month but now when my gig stuck on 18th page (while other gig rotating) and I can’t find it by my keywords - I don’t see good perspectives for the next year. I also tried “Promoted gigs” feature but results were not satisfied. Customer support can’t help with this issue and just answered with standard template messages. So I think it is time to move forward and search for new possibilities.
  11. Just export as SVG file. 18x18px is too small size and image will be blurry anyway. Vector SVG at least scalable
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