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Is there a way to preload money into Fiverr to avoid the two dollar payment charge for every gig I buy?


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They used to!

I used to be an avid buyer on Fiverr before they made all the changes to make more money. Just last year, they had two things that saved buyers money:

  1. A shopping cart: (YUP, a cart like you see on any shopping site). You can buy as much as you want, say 8 gigs worth $5 gigs = $40, and pay $2 fee.
  2. Team Account: All buyers can create an account, I used to put $100 + $5 fee. Then I can buy all the gigs I want without having to pay another fee.
  3. Sellers using the money earned from Fiverr were exempt from paying the fee.

At the beginning there were no fees, then it was $0.50, then it was $1, now it’s a minimum of $2 ( as you already know).

It really stinks, when we pay another fee for an addon, then another fee for tipping the seller.

The short answer to your question is “no.”

I know the feeling.

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Actually, the fee structure has moved on again so buyers pay even more than in your example:

I would like to check what’s new in this update and compare it to older version. So far the most important change is in “Payment Terms” / Purchasing / Service fees are 5% of the purchase amount + $2 for purchases under $50.(void $2 for purchases up to $40, 5% on purchases above $40 as of May 2018) Is there ToS archive available to Fiverr Users? Does anybody know?

It means that a buyer purchasing a $5 gig is paying nearly half as much again in fees - $2.25 in fees + $5 for the gig itself = $7.25.

I haven’t yet fully formulated my thoughts on this. On the one hand it should, over time, mean that there’ll be less interest in $5 gigs (hoorah, great news) - but on the other hand, Fiverr are making more money than ever before from buyers and sellers (as they’re fully entitled to) - a total of $3.25 from every $5 gig. That’s $2.25 from the buyer - and $1 from the seller. Plus, we know how Fiverr like to push buyers to leave a tip. Let’s say a buyer tips $5 - then that’s another $1 into Fiverr’s pocket - making them $4.25 from every $5 gig (+$5 tip).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not criticising Fiverr, but their fee structure has changed dramatically since the early days. I guess buyers will vote with their feet - either they will, or they won’t, withstand the increase. It will be interesting to observe…

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