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Why declined my request?


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Did you watch the video I linked to? And did you try what it shows on the video on your PC?

Is your screen resolution on your PC at least 1920x1080 and not zoomed on the browser?

Also in that video it says to click “switch to selling” then click on the profile image before the “more->buyer requests” shows, but when I try it I don’t need to click on the profile image (maybe that was how it previously worked).

Also make sure on your PC you are using Chrome browser (or Firefox should also work) as Fiverr prefers Chrome and it might work better with it.

20200730_1435475312×2988 3.4 MB
20200730_1435275312×2988 3.25 MB
look this pc pic
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In the top screenshot you’ve clicked on your profile image. What happens if you click on the “Switch to Selling” option on your PC (instead of clicking on the profile image) with Chrome?

Does the menu change and does the “More” option get shown in the top menu?

Also your desktop looks quite low resolution. What is the resolution (width and height in pixels) of your desktop?

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lol think before you speak don’t copy others as well as shape your English

It is obvious that you are highly educated. I’m not as good as you. You are a very senior person. So I went to help you without realizing it. Sorry to bother you.

Happy Freelancing.

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