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I dont receive orders because of other sellers


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Hi there

I am a designer and I sell designs on my fiverr page

but my problem is that I don’t get orders, and I am sure other people have that too, because I am also a design beginner, and of course there are other designers on fiverr that are super good and have a lot of experience.

and if someone searches for a logo design for example, he only sees super good gigs with a very cheap price, and then of course I get 0 orders , even if I do my best, I made my gigs super nice with movies and pictures and stuff, but nobody gets to see them because they have to scroll for 10 minutes for that, and even when they see him they are not going to buy that because there are better ones.

so my tip to the website is that you also have new people at the top of the page, and people with 0 ratings as well, because I’m not going to get a rating if I don’t get an order 😕 , I hope you understand and change this !

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The way Fiverr works is that, oftentimes, gigs are randomly placed on the pages every other week or so. What you need to do is continue making your gig stand out with a good gig image, presenting your packages clearly, and making sure you also market your gig here in the My Fiverr Gigs category.

Here’s a helpful topic for getting started on the platform too! Don’t give up. It took me a few weeks to get my first order. You’ll be fine. 🙂

Are you new to Fiverr? Are you desperately willing to start off? Are you still waiting for your first Gig Order? You are at the right place. This post should help you immensely, I am sure. Not to dishearten you, but to give you a heads up, let me tell you the truth. Getting started here and getting the first order is not that easy. It is not that simple. But if you are dedicated and passionate about selling your services here and make some money, it is very much possible. I will tell you wh…
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For your consideration:

Suggestions on behalf of FontHaunt: Posting about your need for Orders/Buyers? (feel free to refer to this post): If you are reading this now and you just posted or plan to post asking about more orders, your first order, no orders, how to get buyers, advice, or tips - check out these ideas. Every single day there are many posts just asking for tips on how to get orders. If you actually read the posts and answers, you’ll find that most of these people don’t have an unusual question or a specia…
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I am new here too, My gig analytics show 1.4K views in last year (I started in feb BTW). So in my whole career (Of 4-5 months) I didn’t get a single order from my gigs.

I never got a random single msg or order.

Still I did 12 jobs and pretty much good ratings, all credits to Buyer’s request page.

I would suggest you to do that. Have a target. (like to use all the 10 request for a month). Make them Clear, confident and versatile acc to the request.

I assure you will get results.

I know, majority of seller’s (At least in PS works) spam those request, and your reply to the request is not even seen by the buyer’s. But still some of them read all. Many of them cleverly inserts a Tag to write in your reply, so that they know you are even paying attention or not.

Just don’t give up, try that one month mission and I asure you you will get orders.

Pardon spellings, ON phn?

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