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Beware of Fake Fiverr Messages: A Phishing Attempt I Received Today

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Hello everyone,

I wanted to share an experience I recently had with a phishing message. The message pretended to be from Fiverr, but it was actually a scam.


Here is the message:



When I opened the link, I saw the following page:





And after I clicked on the Verify button, I saw this:




Here are some tips to help you identify phishing messages:

1. Check the URL of the website - in this case, the URL was fiverr.service-verificate.com, while Fiverr's URL is fiverr.com.

2. These types of messages from Fiverr often come as notifications not messages.

3. Check the status of your account or service - in my case, my gig status was still active.

4. Be wary of messages that ask you to take action within a certain time frame - in this case, the message said I needed to act within 24 hours.

5. Be cautious when asked to provide unnecessary information.


Fortunately, Fiverr was able to block the user who sent me the message shortly after. But it's important to be vigilant against phishing scams, as scammers are always finding new ways to deceive people.

Thank you for reading and please share any similar experiences or tips to prevent falling for scams.


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