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  1. I believe it’s right away. I’m not sure if you get Fiverr credits or they simply just credit the credit card. I mostly offer services here.
  2. Everybody’s gigs start off slow. Congrats!
  3. Most likely there was some sort of miscommunication when you were conversing. You always have the option to cancel & place another order if you don’t come to a agreement. You get refunded and it’s not going to hurt your account.
  4. I’m not exactly sure, I’m guessing level 2… but it may be a certain amount of competed projects that qualifies your account for early payout.
  5. I had a boss that called everybody “SIR” lol … sir I need you over here, sir please take care of this… thank you sir. … omg he was a tyrant. It is terrible, he never used anybody’s name always sir or miss. It was definitely uncomfortable after a while.
  6. Yea you should do the revisions. I’m not sure though to be honest about the late delivery status. If the revisions are going to take some time you may want to extend the deadline.
  7. It’s been my experience that as long as you deliver something before the deadline it won’t be considered late even if there’s revisions. It may have a timer showing a countdown that says ‘late’… you can send the customer a request to extend the deadline if you think the revisions will require more time.
  8. Give them a little time to respond. I’m sure you will hear back.
  9. Sorry to hear about your experience. Don’t mention the seller by name just yet, you may get a tos violation. Check with cs before you post any account names in here. A 1000$ logo project is usually a corporate branding. It should include research before creating the logo & include stationary designs. A letterhead, envelope design & a business card template at the very least. If you wanted a current logo re design I would charge under $100. I wish you luck getting that order canceled.
  10. Its my opinion that setting up your gigs on a computer is a bit easier than doing it on a tablet or phone. You can navigate through all the options and go to frequently asked questions quickly if there’s anything that is confusing. It takes a sec to get there.
  11. I think there has to be a order dispute for that option to be available & you always have the option to leave a tip if you can come to that agreement with the person.
  12. Congratulations, i had forgot, it’s like the next day. So it was the day after your evaluation date.
  13. Your level will change on your evaluation day. I believe it’s every 60 days. If your stats are all green on the day of your next evaluation then you will level up.
  14. Happy New Year everyone! Looking forward to new challenges this year.
  15. I had a very high volume of work in November & December. I think buyers received coupons for the holidays and that definitely contributed to the increase.
  16. It’s possible it’s because there are a lot of level 1 sellers in your region & in your field of service
  17. Thanks,that’s good to know. I’m wondering if that’s a recent change. I’ve had customers tell me they got charged a fee in the past. It’s possible that they were mistaken though.
  18. There’s also a transaction fee tacked on to the customers tip. If they leave a 5$ dollar tip it costs them another transaction fee. Unfortunately this tends to discourage future tips for all.
  19. You won’t continue to get those messages. They target people who have just signed up, sellers who are looking for there first orders. I have not gotten any messages like that in a long time.
  20. If you get messages from people asking you to open an account for them on here or up work …saying they will pay you like 150$ per week. That’s probably a scam
  21. Yes, it’s been my experience people attach PDF’s with there request. Sometimes there’s reference images and text contained in the PDF
  22. Yea, it’s frustrating when you are trying to get your gigs going & a customer chooses not to display the portfolio sample. I always take the time to make a portfolio sample but they don’t always get displayed. It happens. The best of luck going forward.
  23. The people who are new create the Hi Im a new seller post create it for the badge. I think creating your first topic may be suggested when you first join the forum.
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