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All order messages go to Evernote with IFTTT


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So i was playing around with IFTTT (ifttt.com) last night… for more time than i probably should have lol. Its AMAZING! I think we are going to see some great recipes that’s going to make buying and selling much more efficient!

The recipe i came up with targets the problem i’ve been having since Fiverr v2 landed. This is keeping track of messages in orders.

If you not aware of how IFTTT (If That Then This) works heres a brief introduction to it.

IFTTT works on triggers and actions. There are triggers such as [receiving positive feedback] or [receiving an image delivery] and actions that can be performed on a wide range of channels such as or [upload image to tumblr]. The list of channels available is massive and still growing. I saw a channel for google glass, you can actually set up fiverr notifications to push notifications to your google glass! …If your lucky enough to own one that is. HOW COOL!

So i was playing around to see what recipes i could concoct. I was looking for a way to push only my order messages to one place where i could deal with them in an organised fashion. Im not fussed about direct inbox messages as fiverr already does a good job of organising them for me.

I came across an app called Evernote which allowed me to send the message body, sender name, gig url and date of a order message into a “Notebook” within Evernote.

Here is how it looked when i woke up this morning:


Heres the recipe if you wish to try it: https://ifttt.com/recipes/148623-all-order-messages-go-to-evernote

How are you going to use IFTTT?


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The ONLY one that is of any real value to me is the “If new order rated by a buyer, then send me an email” because fiverr doesn’t do that.

I would REALLY like the new order to go to MY spreadsheet or MY download but it ONLY goes to Google with whom I do NOT share my life!

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I’m planning on using this to push all new orders and messages into a spreadsheet - unfortunately IFTT is down at the moment 😦

I have a question about your setup, does it link directly to the order so it’s easy to get there without looking through the list of To-Do’s?

Also, my OCD is killing me - it is ‘If This Than that’ not ‘If That Than This’!

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