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If you forget Security Question

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I am new in fiverr as well as in virtual global market place as a seller. So I was quite nervous while opening my account. I chose a hard security answer to stay more secured and guess what?! After some days I heard that someone forgot her security question and I tried to remember mine. Yeah, I couldn’t remember it. But I typed several answers thinking that any of them must be the right answer. Suddenly my security question section was blocked for typing wrong answers again and again.

I contacted customer support and automated reply told me to wait for human response. They said that there would be a human response among ten days. 10 days were passing by, so I sent mail again to know the progress. This time a human response came and I was asked for some of my information may be to verify the truth and then they gave me the chance to reset my security question.


  • It is good to securely save security information so that we do not forget those.
  • Contact Customer support as soon as possible. They seem to be very user friendly.
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