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  1. Not sure if you are hoping people clicking your link will improve your chances of a sale, but, probably not, as the forum is mainly comprised of sellers. Also, having people clicking on the link to your Gig here is not going to get your Gig to rank higher either. GG ok dear :+1:t2: thankyou for reply
  2. hi everyone i m level one seller , m facing problem that i dont get any order from last so many days , clicks on my gig day by day goes down . i dont know whats the problem behind that . Fiverr.com Jasminekaur1118: I will do yellow pages b2b data scraper,yp scraping with...For only $5, Jasminekaur1118 will do yellow pages b2b data scraper,yp scraping with emails. | hi welcome to my gig.PLEASE TEXT BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER TO AVOID CANCELLATIONAre you Looking for someone who Scrapes Yellow pages, then you are at | Fiverr this is my gig plz click on that
  3. no this is not like that i think its fiverr server problem
  4. hi everyone please anybody tell me whats the meaning of this when i open fiverr app on mobile then there is message ( you cannot perform the action please contact customer support ) what is this?
  5. same here 😣 even my gig clicks goes down means my gig was on first page and now on 2nd 😣
  6. hi anybody please help my overall statistics goes down day by day , whats the reason ? and also dont get order from last days suddenly https://www.fiverr.com/jasminekaur1118?up_rollout=true please click on this click if there is problem in my gigs then tell me thankyou
  7. your welcome? and use perfect keywords that seller can be easily search those keywords
  8. gig can be rank when you sending buyer request daily .by sending buyer request , increase the no. of impressions and click on gig so that your gig would be rank
  9. yeah i changed the image of one gig today thankyou 🙂
  10. buyer request means click on more option then there is buyer request option, click on this . you can check randomly after every few minutes ,there is buyer request , you can send the offer on buyer request
  11. wait few days. keep sending buyer request. hopefully you will get order soon. ok will do that , thankyou 🙂
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