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Which is better: Paypal or Fiverr Card [ARCHIVED]


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Hi - I was wondering if any of you experts may please recommend the better way to to withdraw revenue. Paypal takes a small percentage. I haven’t applied for a Fiverr card, but read the Pricing & Fees.

If you have any recommendations, please share. I’m looking for the option that takes less $ out of my pocket.

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Paypal and then sweep to your bank with free direct deposit and spend with free visa debit.

With the fiverr card (payoneer) you’ll go BROKE with all the fees.

Pricing and Fees

Item Price (USD) Unit How Applied

The Fees below are an exclusive MasterCard® rate for Fiverr sellers. Fiverr does not charge any fees for the card


Card activation $5.00 Per card One time - when card is first loaded

Card activation - Listed Countries $5.00 Per card One time – when card is first loaded

Albania, Angola, Belarus, Bosnia Herzegovina, CôteD’Ivoire, Congo, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Iraq, Kosovo, Lebanon, Liberia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Pakistan, São Tomé & Príncipe, Serbia, Somalia, Turkmenistan, Zimbabwe.

Loading Payments - Standard (Within 2 days) $1.00 Per load Each time card is loaded

Loading Payments - Immediate (Within 2 hours) $5.00 Per load Each time card is loaded

Maintenance Fee Free * Per card *$3.00 if card has a balance and is inactive during a consecutive 30 day period

Card replacement $12.95 Per card One Time - when issuing a replacement card

Cash Withdrawals or Transactions

Cash withdrawal $3.15 * Per Trx When withdrawal is requested

ATM withdrawal Decline $1.00 Per Trx When withdrawal request is declined

ATM Balance inquiry $1.00 Per Trx When inquiry is made

Purchase Transaction Free * Per Trx When card is used for purchases


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I think that Fiverr card is the best for me.

It says that if you don’t pay something using your card in 30 consecutive days, they will cut $3,5 or $3 not sure, so if every 30 days you buy something very very cheap (like, $1, or $0,5) you’ll get an item, and the amount of those numbers in a whole year would be alot less than most credit cards.

It also have $0 fees when purshasing something.

If the card is empty with no cash, and inactive for 30 days, you’ll need to spend $5 to reactivate it after loading your cash. But that’s a little price I’m ready tp pay.

I’m from Tunisia, and we don’t have Paypal, (but I can always go around it and use an adress of a relative living abroad, in countries where Paypal is active) so yeah, as hrmahib said, Fiverr card is a blessing for me 😃

But I still find Fiverr card better for me, as I already have another Payoneer account, and they have a fast live chat help service too.

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Can anyone say what is the minimum amount to transfer funds from fiverr to payapal.

I have 4$ now but there are another 20$ which are not yet cleared.When i tried to just transfer 4$ from fiverr to paypal using paypal id it doesn’t showed me any window or nothing, not even a message and the URL remains the same.

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Reply to @rajesh_bts: It happened several times to me as well. That what happens basically is the following:

Once you click on Withdrawal, then at the top of the page you will see something like: Fiverr has received your Withdrawal request(it is going to be in orange color).

Then, you should simply go to your mail inbox/spam folder and you will see an email from Fiverr saying that they have received your request for withdrawal. Within couple of hours(max 1 day), you will have your funds in your Paypal account. So I will recommend you to wait for this first before you actually contact the Paypal Support.

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Guest seo_clerk85

For me PayPal is better, because of the lower transaction fees. However, It’s good to have a Fiverr card, because if your earnings from Fiverr are enourmous, then you may have issues with PayPal withdrawing.

Sheriff’s Note: Your user name above is a link to your Fiverr space. Please do not use a signature with links and images for your topic replies. Thanks.

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