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Buyer request ID and/or flag option | Suggestion


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Recently, I made a post - Woah, woah, hold up! Beware of MALWARE in Buyer requests!.

As you can see by the title, there was a malware going on in Buyer requests. The problem is that there is no way to report that buyer request or person sending it (you can only see their image), except for telling the forum about it and/or sending a ticket to Support team and wait 5+ days for a reply. While you would wait for that reply, person that sent malware is long gone and attachment that they sent has expired…

That’s the reason why I am writing a suggestion for a Fiverr website.

Report button - Flag

It would be a great feature to add an report button (flag) like we have in private messages. When you report that buyer request, you would have to choose between options:

  • Spam / harassment
  • Malware, phishing or malicious link
  • User wants to communicate or make a payment outside of fiverr
  • Other reason (explain in text box under)

If you choose malware option, special staff team would deal with that report and investigate the malware, phishing or malicious link.

Buyer request ID

Another great way would be to add a buyer request ID (like ticket id - #12345). Those IDs would be stored and Staff would have access to them and full Buyer request.

When seller(s) catch a malicious buyer request, they would be able to copy the request ID and send it to staff. That way it would me much easier because Staff would have direct acess to what happened and in that way just put a malware in their database of malicious items.

Of course, that would take bunch of database storage. We can prevent that by auto deleting stored buyer requests that are older than * days.

If you have a similar suggestion or you have something to add/change to my suggestion, feel free to reply to this post.

Have a great day everybody!

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These features use to exist but disappeared over time. I’m still trying to figure out how they get past the screening stage with this stuff.

These features use to exist but disappeared over time.

How come? Why would they disappear over time.

screening stage

What’s the screening stage?

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