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  1. A bit late answer but still works… In theory no, even image files can have malware in them. Every file has bits of information in it, so do images. Those bytes in there can be manipulated and used to be a malware. But, personally I didn’t experience any image file that has malware in it.
  2. “As my success on YouTube increases, the success of my editor will increase”, “My success is you success” 😆
  3. Well said. And then, when you find a rare gem of opportunity, it can actually be a pretty nice experience. For now, I found only one client from the BR and it was a pretty nice experience, I even got a review.
  4. (Applies to other categories too.) Hahaha, everybody that even once went to BR experienced these. Following the second attached post, thank’s for it, it’s really a great tip to share! Author of it is right: Even though I check BR daily, I use it to find offer that fits for me but not to try to do every job on it.
  5. Heya community! After a long break from Fiverr, yesterday I came back to continue where I left. At the time I temporarily left the platform, I was a new seller and still am. As a new seller, I have no traffic on my Gigs and that’s why I found the Buyer Requests to be a good starting point for me. Now, when I am continuing to be a part of this platform, I still use Buyer Requests to try and get some clients. While I was on the break, a lot of things changed on Fiverr. That’s why, as a first thread after a long time, I wanted to hear your opinion on Buyer Requests! My personal opinionPersonally I like the concept of Buyer Requests, from a seller’s perspective. It gives a chance to new sellers to find a client and begin their journey. Of course, it’s pretty hard to find one knowing that on each request there are 10+ other sellers that also want to get that client for them 😄. The bad side of it, from my experience, is the risk of malware, which was pretty big at that time. I actually wrote about this issue in my old thread when I myself saw the malware from some buyer. Love to hear your opinion on this!
  6. What a lovely first post to read after a long break from the platform!
  7. You can always change pricing of your Gig, Fiverr isn’t responsible for that. I don’t think that your reviews and ratings will be affected. We certainly don’t know if your Gig will lose ranking on Fiverr search as it is set by their secret algorithm.
  8. Indeed. That’s exactly why I linked your thread to this.
  9. Woah, you haven’t got any order for 3 years?? This thread can be very helpful for you Take action and make a step.
  10. I usually get answer to an support ticket in about 3-5 work days. It might have to do with categories. I usually open a ticket in security section > other.
  11. Can’t wait for the event! See you on 9th of July!
  12. Great thread! I’m about 20 days into Fiverr and haven’t got any orders. That’s when your thread came into my eyes. Specifically, this is what came into my eyes: I’ve tried doing same. And it worked! Just got my first order completed and 5 star review. Thank you 🙂
  13. @alikbaba2 Made a Thread: Virus appeared in one of buyer’s request files. I have researched the malware and I have edited my original thread. Scroll up and check it out.
  14. Same goes for BR that have malware. People are getting infected and can only report this through the support ticket. See these examples:
  15. Sharing your Gig link is only allowed in “Improve my Gig” or “My Gigs” sections. Watch out for that.
  16. It’s the problem on Fiverr side. Many people are complaining about Gig Analytics N/A and about problems with search algorithm. They say that they are working on the problem but they just stumble across even more problems which need fixes.
  17. Just today, I did all available English tests - “English Language” and “Fiverr English test”. Seems like there is no such “Basic English”: Nothing else appeared in “English Language” category :thinking: Another screenshot when I go to “Take test”
  18. After you successfully finish a Fiverr Test, it will appear in your skills and “Test taken” on your profile. These skills are not same as regular skills that you manually input. Next to them is a “certified” icon meaning that you are verified for your knowledge. This will prove that you have knowledge in that sector and you are qualified for job using those skills. This also gives buyers confidence that they can trust in your skills and get the job done. Some more advantages of Fiverr tests:
  19. i started the work because i wanted to be sure enough that i could do it…then he placed the order from some other account…we have already discussed that i wont be implementing it on their site because i dont know php and wordpress…we agreed to that…he showed me some proofs of the script not working…i tried to fix by going to their website but couldn’t…because i didn’t understand how things worked there(this was not my duty to implement…it was his job). Now i reported my situation to CS…lets see what heppens Should i ask buyer to cancel the order? If you clearly said that implementing scripts is out of your scope, CS will probably help you resolve the problem without any warning. Also, tell CS that buyer is using multiple accounts as it is against TOS
  20. I’m a new seller who joined in May (around two weeks ago) and I haven’t got any business nor my Gig appears on search. I’m trying to get some business from Buyer requests. I guess I picked wrong time to join…
  21. Yes, I did it manually. Though, I had that image next to my drawing. It’s all by hand under 10 minutes. There is no rule for “over next photo drawing” 😕 I did an elephant with line art. No cuts and breaks under 10 minutes
  22. Here is a full elephant in front perspective using two different methods! Left one is starting from left leg - around the face - other side to right legRight one is outlining whole body and then face from bottom (nose) all the way around elephants2407×1337 216 KB
  23. I’ve got a final answer on this potential issue seen by @wolfhowler in my support ticket.
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