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I'm in Trouble! Buyer Asking For Another Work!

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Hi, A buyer ask me to make a Whiteboard animation video for his Script and the video is about 3min long And He only mention That he wants just a whiteboard animation video In Inbox. But after Making the order I have Delivered the work to him he likes the work But he is saying Please send me a “5-10 second teaser” of this Video. How can I make a teaser video for a whiteboard animation And I also don’t know how to make the teaser. Now He is saying I need teaser it’s Important Now what can i do??? He didn’t mention this Before making the order. Also He is Not so active so Not replying My Messages.

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Free work isn’t a right. The buyer should pay extra for any extra work not specified in the original order.

Courage is fear conquered. Conquer your fear. Your buyer may even respect you for it.

Thanks For your Help! I will ask him to pay extra If he wants me to make a teaser

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