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  1. I took a break from Fiverr for two months and now they have: a new logo, new font, analytics are back, there’s almost paid promotion for the average seller. Is there anything else I missed?
  2. Your gig title makes no sense, along with parts of your description.
  3. This was aimed at new sellers. I understand the current problem with old sellers.
  4. That was a little rude. And FYI, I have been doing all this – for years now. That’s why I am a successful veteran seller. I’m trying to impart wisdom to those, such as yourself, who have yet to learn these things. Fiverr is not here to make you successful. YOU are still responsible for making you successful. What’s it like in Wisconsin? I’ve heard y’all are calling in the national guard? Sorry this is off topic
  5. Thanks I hope you get out of this little runt you’re in in the coming update.
  6. Please refer to this https://forum.fiverr.com/t/please-read-unable-to-find-gig-in-search-solved/475088
  7. Please refer to this https://forum.fiverr.com/t/please-read-unable-to-find-gig-in-search-solved/475088
  8. Please refer to this https://forum.fiverr.com/t/please-read-unable-to-find-gig-in-search-solved/475088
  9. There are about 15 posts a day from sellers (mostly new) who are saying they cannot find their gigs in search. I did a little experiment with my own gigs and found something out. You can search your gig and find it at the bottom then the next search can find it at the top. Gigs can disappear. One time I searched my gig and filtered it down to find it easier. It was nowhere to be found. I tried again 10 minutes later with the same filters and it was in the middle. “Ranking” doesn’t matter. Your gig will move up and down. There is nothing wrong with the algorithm when you find your gig at the bottom. You either get orders or you don’t. Nothing more. Leave CS alone. Stop sending the poor guys messages over this. Refer to 1-3 if you are seeing a problem. If you can’t ever find your gig, use the Filter button to try and find it. There are about 108,000 gigs in logo design so don’t waste your time going through all of the pages. Make this post known so people can find it before posting.
  10. How do you know how many impressions it has? The gig stats is currently disabled for everyone. They’re working to fix it, hopefully. A week is mediocre compared to the time some people had to wait to get an order. Your gig won’t be found unless you get orders.
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