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What is the best Withdraw method?


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Hi everyone,
I’d like to ask you what withdrawing method do you use?
I need to withdraw in EUR, at the beginning I did’t actually care that much and I always used PayPal, but I am checking out that PayPal has really low currency convertion rates.
For let’s say, 420$ what type of Withdraw Method would you use and what will be the different fees?
I was reading all the information about the Bank Withdraw etc but I didn’t founf how much were the convertion rates.
I’d appreciate the help!

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I use PayPal, but I intentionally avoid withdrawing directly to EUR as the conversion rate is always worse for me. If you get the popup that asks to set a local currency (I seem to get it everytime, without fail, annoyingly) then you could choose EUR before confirming, and make a note of the total quoted. Then, you can input the amount of dollars you would get by choosing USD into the conversion calculator on PayPal, and see how much PayPal would give you in EUR. If the PayPal total is better, then you’d benefit from just withdrawing in dollars and converting there instead.

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