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  1. Yes ! I have done it again, though i was loosing hope after lost my level two badge. But i believe good work and my honesty will give me the reward again. Thanks Fiverr for bringing smile on our face.
  2. It's not better to use stock images. Instead off you can create simple relevant graphics for your gig
  3. ---------------------------- it's like you are on a rush mate 😁. And surprise them how? 🙄
  4. Thanks for your opinion, i didn't suggest to stay online 24/7. I said if somebody wants to work based on their timeline choice they can. I hope you understand.
  5. As long as you have the proof, you can contact support, that will be the best choice.
  6. Did he asked by Fiverr message? If yes contact Fiverr customer support by this link
  7. Fiverr algorithm randomly changes and impact on the gig. Send buyer request to get new order and no worries gig de-ranking is a part of freelancing
  8. As this keyword isn't creating a search volume hence it's not suggesting.
  9. 1. How do i get my first order?🙄 - Well, the most common answer is before you ask this question you should read some great post & trips that have posted already. But i have few points on this Do you post your service keyword on your gig title? Do you write a proper description about your service on your gig? Do you use professional gig image? Do you have a portfolio to show? If you answer yes in all this question then no worries you will get order soon. 2. Do i need to stay online 24/7? 😴 -Absolutely note. you are human not a robot. You never know which country buyer will place order in your gig. As this is a global market. But if you want to target specific country you can schedule based on that. But don't to stay online 24/7. 3. Does sharing gig on social media has an impact on my gig? 🧐 -Negative. Because impression on gig & click on gig depends on Fiverr algorithm. But you can share your gig on social media to let people know about your services. 4. Does spending time on forum impact on my profile?😏 -No, but you will get a bulk amount of knowledge in here I have tried to share my knowledge, Someone might also have different opinion also. But i believe if you do it on the right way success will be yours. if you go for shortcut success will be temporary. Happy Freelancing !!
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