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  1. Congratulations and well deserved!
  2. Hi Allie I had a full time TEFL teaching job in Thailand for 3 years while I was building my Fiverr profile, making deals with long term clients, and also some other platforms, etc. It wasn’t easy as teaching is a demanding job with long hours, but it gave me stability and a fixed income while I was freelancing on the side. Last year I quit my teaching job to freelance full time and it’s been amazing! I have much more time to hit the road with my bike and travel around Thailand while still being able to work from anywhere. To answer your question, there is often a great imbalance and it can be tough, but if you accept that it is temporary with a focus on your greater goal, it’s absolutely worth it when you get there!
  3. I have a profile on another freelance platform, as well as many clients through previous work contacts, collaborations, etc. On average I would say that Fiverr is about 40% of my income. I try not to worry too much in slow periods, in fact I often celebrate them by keeping busy. I head out on hikes, do some photography, etc. In that way I am happy whether I have work or not, as I enjoy the quiet times as well as busy times.
  4. I deliver 0.6 orders per day, as I’ve completed 755 orders in about 1200 days. So basically an order every 2 days on average. I actually thought it was lower so it was interesting to actually put a number to it.
  5. With Fiverr the problem would be those secret reviews. You’re asked 2 reviews, not one. That as well. And don’t forget multiple reminders to add a tip!
  6. I think it’s not just Fiverr, but review fatigue on the whole. On a normal day, I get asked to review at least 4-5 things, and honestly it’s quite annoying. For 1. it’s time consuming as you already pointed out, and 2. there’s no incentive for me to do so. If I download an app, I get prompted to leave a review. If I book an Uber, review. If I get a delivery from Amazon, review. See a movie, eat at a restaurant, order takeout, navigate somewhere with maps, etc. ad nauseum. Review fatigue.
  7. Oh wow, that is crazy! No wonder I got so many impressions when Fiverr moved my gig to data entry.
  8. From Cape Town, South Africa but living and working from Thailand.
  9. I appreciate reading all the great advice you give to other sellers. On their behalf, thank you!
  10. Wow, looks great! I would definitely buy your gig if I needed this service.
  11. The Fiverr forum is just Facebook with less react options.
  12. Same here! And I’m like “sorry, who are you again?!”
  13. True. I just dislike these nonsense tips about being online 24/7 that people keep regurgitating, which was why my response was so curt.
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