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Gigs that violated copyright rules ! Photography


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I have a problem with other people gigs related on photography. I have 2 years activity here with some photography gigs (I sell my own photos). Two months ago a guy created a new gig, he sell the images from shutterstock here and of course this is illegal. How this could be fix ?

Here is the gig: fragglesrock

Of course my sells dropped a lot because of this …

I don’t think its normal for some people to work and earn money and others just steal and re-sell someone else work (in shutterstock its clear mentioned that the photos are not for sell !).

What can I do ?

  • I contact the seller
  • I have sent a mail to fiverr team
  • I will contact the shutterstock site as well

Let me know if you have more ideas !

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Update, this morning the service was gone.

I am not sure who took action (fiverr of shutterstock) but I am glad they did. This is a proof that we can “fight” against lazy people and keep our rights!

Thanks again for all your ideas (I followed all of them).

NOTE: on fiverr are many other who does the same and they are still out there, I think I need to report every one of them ? these sites does not have admins or employees that check this kind of things …

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